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A Safe Haven

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You know I firmly believe that everyone can have a beautiful and safe home. Often when I pick up the newspaper and skim through the headlines, I wonder how people chose to protect their home. The recent rampages of miscreants all over the country have crinkled everyone’s brows.
I remember a rather unfortunate incident that took place while moving into my new apartment. Occupancy in my block at that time was barely 30% and to add to the insecurity of the place was the ongoing hardware and plumbing works. It was a paradox of situations- the lower number of people in the apartment and the number of handymen during the day led to the higher chance that something could go wrong. A couple moved in and had so many people adding “finishing touches” to their apartment, that in the chaos, they didn’t notice when valuables slowly began to disappear.
Keeping all this in mind, I would like to highlight some issues that could ensure a safer environment for you and your family:
  • Buying a good quality deadbolt lock for the main door and at least six lever locks for the other ones must be your utmost priority while moving into a new place.
  • Make sure you have a peephole in the main door so that you can ensure your safety from unknown people.
  • Installing a video door phone is one of the best things to do. Besides, keeping track of your visitors, this system allows for a two-way communication process and ensures added safety. It’s a savior if you have kids at home ready to open the door at every bell. Picture this, the doorbell rings and you are not expecting a visitor, now before you open the door, just put on the camera and you will see who is at the other side of the door. If you don’t recognize the person, you can communicate with them to find out who they are and if it’s safe to the door. This system not only gives you security, it also cuts the amount of time you interacting with vendors who may be offering a service you aren’t interested in.

  • Locking your house every time you leave is a habit worth inculcating. Keeping a light on when you leave the house in the evenings is an old technique we all use to make our homes look occupied. Oh, and it still works!
  • Have valuables, jewelry, or cash at home? Then it’s time to invest in a home safe to keep those things we hold precious with us always.
  • Keeping spare keys to your house under the doormat, in a planter, in a mailbox or other places is a common habit most of us possess. Getting rid of this one does not hurt!

  • Security systems such as keyless locks, locks with fingerprint recognition, CCTV cameras, video door phones, and security alarms, to name a few, are great options to enhance both home and organizational security. Godrej has a range of CCTV systems that are affordable and effective.
A lot of people complain about the miscreant nature of contemporary society and how trust and faith are major issues today. Security should be the most prioritized issue in everyone’s minds. However, a lot of people that one’s security comes from oneself and it is only a matter of correctly strategizing which can ensure a peaceful and secure life for you.

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