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Aadab From Hyderabad

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I had a wonderful and relaxing vacation in the ‘city of pearls‘. Yes, I was in Hyderabad a few days ago and enjoyed my stay there to the fullest. Though I didn’t get a chance to visit all the tourist spots there yes I made sure that I didn’t miss visiting a global icon of Hyderabad. Yes, you got it right it’s Charminar. The architecture of the building is splendid. The design of lotus petals at the base of each minaret is so enthralling.
Even though I am claustrophobic, I made it through the narrow, crowded and suffocating stairways inside the tower and reached the first floor. What I saw there was spellbinding. I clicked some pictures of the beautiful designs on the granite structure. Designs are a mix of Indian, Islamic, and Persian architecture. 
From the first floor where you see a big clock in the above picture, I clicked a picture of the Makkah Masjid, which is situated to the west of Charminar.
To the right side of the Minar is the Nizamia Unani Hospital, which is being renovated. It was basking in the sunshine and grabbed the attention of lots of tourists.
There is a very famous Laad Bazaar to the west of the minar. The Charminar area is overcrowded and surrounded by some 14,000 shops. If you love jewelry especially bangles then don’t miss a visit to this bazaar.
Shilparamam, a night bazaar is an excellent place filled with a variety of arts and handicrafts. It was a perfect place for me to enjoy. I got a chance to meet an artist there, though there were many but due to time constraints, I met only one and bought some nice batik paintings from him. I promise I will feature his work next month
Night Market, Hyderabad
I stayed at my sister’s place and we chatted a lot read endlessly. My sister knows my interests well so she introduced me to a lady who is full of life and a very inspiring person. She has her own block printing business and a very beautifully done-up home. I missed carrying my camera when I visited her but I am so determined that I’ll definitely go to meet her once again and will feature her home as well as her wonderful block printing cushions, saree, duppattas, bed covers, and a lot more.
I am so obsessed with Buddha that in my leisure time, I clicked a lot of pictures of a Buddha figurine that my sister placed in her living room. here is one for you.
Hope you all are having wonderful vacations with your loved ones. Don’t forget to check out this space as I have a lot to share.

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