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Accessorize Your Home

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I love having guests not only in my home but in my blog also. It’s always a pleasure to learn something new, interesting, and different from each one of them. One such guest is joining us today here on 3D. One who is very good when it comes to accessorizing home. Any guesses…..well let me introduce you to one of my dear friends, a very talented, warm, and pleasing personality – Vandana ChoudhuryShe blogs over at ‘Seasons in the Sun‘, a blog that truly reflects her sense of aesthetics. Today she is sharing some wonderful tips on ‘how to accessorize your home’, so read on and get inspired. Over to Vandana –
Accessorizing Home
Accessories……. I am so used to using this word for myself. Having the right accessories for my outfits, that’s what comes to my mind the moment I hear this word. What an attractive word it is! But, at the same time, my home too comes to my mind. Buying something for my house is like buying hair clips, bands, watches, bags, and shoes for my child! Yes, that is how I treat my home.

Home Accessorizing
These days, we have a wide variety to choose from as far as accessories go. Right from ethnic to contemporary to fusion to eclectic, what not is available in the stores and the flea markets. So why not indulge our nest, shop for it at times, and dress it up beautifully. I am sure, we all love to do that! And we really do not need to burden ourselves in any way to doll up our home. Here is how you can start:
Cushion Covers:
Home Accessorizing
The most common accessory that comes to my mind is cushion covers. These days, the market is full of pretty ones. The ones with captions on them are such show-stoppers. A couple of them are causally thrown on the settee and there you have a conversation starter. Try it out yourself and share your experiences with us here :-)….. My accessory mantra is ‘cushions‘. I love the way they change the look of any place instantly. Floral patterns, the funky, quirky ones, the simple and plain cotton in solids, the Kalamkari prints, the more royal ones in brocades and Chanderi, the list goes on. A couple of floor cushions are tossed in here and there and a comfortable seating arrangement is created.


Accessorizing Home
I love colorful mats or chatais. They certainly create warmth in any living space. I call them the ‘informal’ rugs and carpets. These days they are available in attractive shades of green, blue, purple, rust, and yellow. The matted cushions, table mats, runners, here again, it is a long list. The little coasters can even be used to highlight a gorgeous decor piece. The matted shelving units and chest of drawers are eye candies. Simple and unique yet classy.

Home Accessorizing
How can I ever forget fresh flowers as accessories for the home! Living in a city with a beautiful weather, flowers are a staple on my plateful of accessories. They light up a dull corner instantly!

Home Accessorizing

Be a thrifty chick:

Home Accessorizing
Did you notice that framed wooden comb. Brilliant idea…isn’t it!!
The right kinds of accessories for the wall, the windows, for any part of our home ,go a long way in making our space come alive and ooze out oodles of warmth. And accessorizing depends to a large extent on one’s imagination. Using recycled things in an innovative way; a wine bottle turned into a lamp base or mason jars as flower vases, pretty pieces of fabric or even handmade paper with an interesting motif can be framed as a wall art. It need not be a Jamini Roy or a M.F.Hussain on the wall. I once came across place mats on the dining table made of handmade paper that was laminated. Interesting,isn’t it? :-)…. loved this idea to bits!
Bored of your dupattas? Make use of them as a throw or a runner. These ideas are like our grandmothers’ home remedies, useful, effective and inexpensive.

Accessorize your garden too:

Home Accessorizing
How can I forget our gardens! They,too, need accessories to dress up and why not, the number of garden boutiques in the cities, stocking some fun garden accessories come in handy at such times. A few interesting and colourful ornaments in the garden and it is all decked up. Fabulous pot holders, chimes, terracotta figurines and colourful shelves create a beautiful setting.

Home Accessorizing

One can be so innovative when it comes to dressing up the garden. Painted plastic bottles and jars, painted twigs, cute little nests hanging from the twigs, wrought iron figures of birds and animals, the terracotta ones,too, go in creating a dream garden.

I have shared a few photographs from our home. I am sure each one of you must be having your boxful of ideas ready and handy when it comes to dressing up your space beautifully! Do share your tips on accessorizing here, would love to hear your opinions and suggestions on this. 

Thank you Vandana for sharing amazing tips on accessorizing home and images of your home are like icing on the cake. I am definitely going to follow your tips and it sure will help me transform my home into a warm and pleasing abode. How about you readers. How did you find these tips, aren’t they just quick and easy. Happy decorating!!
Stay tuned and I’ll be coming up with loads of images of my home 🙂

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