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Christmas Sneak Peek!

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Sure it’s started looking a lot like Christmas and why not it’s only a week away. Finally, my Christmas tree is also up….not that big one rather it’s a tiny one made out of something that you can’t even think of.
Actually, I’ve never ever celebrated Christmas in this way, like decorating tree and making wreaths but this time I wanted to let my kid know that how diverse is our Indian culture, how colourful and bright is every festival here and how people from different casts and religions come together and celebrate every festival with great enthusiasm. 🙂
My little one is also very keen to know about different countries and their culture. So I involved him in the process that’s going on in my home for Christmas, from making wreaths to decorating a tree he helped me out. Now he has started dreaming about the gifts he will receive from Santa who will come riding his sleigh with all that Tinga-linga-ling & ho ho ho on Christmas night.
Well here’s what my lil’ one and I did for Christmas.

Wreath made of paper Quilling and beans.

Christmas wreath Craft

A tree made out of a used broom. We colored it green then glued red beans and silver glitter. Filled a pot with silver balls made of foil and placed a tree in it.

Christmas Tree Craft
Christmas Tree Craft
Some more images of the Christmas vignette.
Christmas Craft Ideas
Christmas Craft Ideas
Christmas Craft Ideas
Christmas Craft Ideas
Christmas Craft Ideas
Christmas Craft Ideas
Christmas Craft Ideas
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Hope you liked this craft idea.
Happy crafting!!!

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4 Responses

  1. OMG… You are indeed sooo innovative..who would've ever thought !!!! Brilliant idea..there are soo many 'green' blogs you should link this up..
    seriously girl, you a rockstar !!!
    my jaws literally dropped seeing your tree..great job.
    merry merry green christmas !!!

  2. @Nisha: Thanks Nisha I'm glad that you liked the wreath.
    @Babita: Thanks a bunch Babita for your generous comment.Loved your idea of linking this post to green blogs. Sure I'll do it. I'm smugging now.

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