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Contest Alert!!

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Hello dear readers!!!
I have a few news to share.
I am running a Facebook Holi Contest. If you are interested in participating then click here. There is nothing much to do to participate. Just click a colorful picture of your creation, your artwork or it can be a beautiful nook in your home where you have used a lot of colors and post that pic here. To win the contest try to get maximum likes on your picture.
Below are the images of my hand-painted and hand-crafted products that you can win. (Any one of these).
Secondly, I would like to share that I have created Google+ page of this blog. Stay tuned as you can win something BIG. When I say big it really is very BIG. 
Want to know what I am talking about……well you can win this:
  • A WEEK of designer wear with outfits from 3 big designers
  • A full makeover by the Absolut Studio
  • Complete access to the venue
  • Celeb status on LFW social handles
  • Cameras and VIP passes to shows and lounges
What you have to do:
Just click a selfie (A photo that you have clicked of yourself) and share it on G+ with hashtags #styleselfie and #Lakmefashionweek.
Are you ready.. then just go click….click….click!!
Good Luck!!!

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