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Contest: My Favorite Colour!!

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Welcome dear readers!! It’s been a long that I have held a contest here on my blog and I know you all were waiting desperately for one. So here is one just for you.
Let me tell you the contest is quite easy and a lot of fun to take part in, there is no specific rule or regulation and the best thing is you need not worry about getting maximum Facebook likes…yes contest will not be judged on the basis of Facebook likes. We have a jury who will be going to judge the contest. So here’s about the contest:

This contest is being held in association with GoodHomes. In the upcoming monthly issue, it focuses on two aspects- Colours and Flooring. The issue highlights some wonderful ideas on how to make your floor marry your décor scheme! Some experts like Andy Munro, Eleonore Cavalli, and Krsna Mehta have shared some insightful information on décor. Further, the issue also does a deep dive into the runway styles of the season that can be implemented in one’s home. Lastly, they have played with color in this issue and have displayed 55 ways to make an impression with it! So I would suggest go and grab your copy today and get inspired.

Colors are an integral part of one’s home. By adding color to your home, you can add color to your life! Keeping with the theme of ‘color’, I would like you to share images of a corner/nook in your home or a vignette on a coffee table/side table or anywhere around your home that has been done in your Favorite Colour yes your favorite color and you love to spend time there. It is that simple. 
Here are the steps on how you can do it:
1. Click the image of a place (where you unwind and love to spend a lot of time) in your home that has been done in your favorite color. It can be your living room, bedroom, library, studio, backyard, front yard, balcony, garden, terrace, vignette, corner/nook, or any decor piece. (Basically, I want to see colors, that’s it).
2. Send the image to designdecoranddisha@gmail.comDURATION: The contest is open for 10 days. From 8th August to 18th August.
REWARD: The contest will be judged by experts and the winner will get a gift hamper worth Rs 3000/-
 (Hamper courtesy: Printed Noise and Tangerine)

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Happy decorating folks and Good Luck to all of you!!

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