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Decor Ideas For Living Room

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Your home reflects your personality and the living room plays a key role in reflecting your lifestyle. There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Here are a few tips that can transform your living room into a comfortable, functional & pleasing abode.
The first thing before decorating a living room is to know about how many purposes the room will serve like a TV room, drawing room, family room, or maybe all these. Then choose the stuff according to its purpose.
Next, you should place all the furniture in a way that looks uncluttered, spacious, and most importantly functional. If you are living in a small apartment then multipurpose and small furniture is always the best option to give your living room a spacious look. The sofa is the main furniture and plays an important role in the overall look of the place. Choose it wisely according to the space available, the theme of the living room, and the color of the walls. It should be comfortable and gorgeous as well to beautify the space. Put some throw pillows to perk up the place and add some color. The center table comes next and can be very appealing if accessorized properly. Don’t over-accessorize it.

An indoor plant in eye eye-catching planter or a vase filled with some fresh flowers, a few candles, or maybe some pebbles or shells all kept in a tray and some good books are the accessories that work well with any kind of theme.

The wall color should be light for your room to look spacious and bright. You can create a focal point by painting one wall in a dark color with texture on it or a stenciled wall or wallpaper according to your room’s theme. Putting up a collage of family pictures oftentimes called a picture gallery wall is always the best choice to give your room a personal touch. You can choose a big canvas painting to give your place a traditional feel. A big mirror or collection of mirrors displayed on the wall not only looks pleasing but also makes your room look bigger and brighter.

Curtains, rugs, and carpets create a complete look for any living room. All these furnishings should be color-coordinated and blend well with the rest of the decor.
Lighting plays an important role in creating a warm ambiance. Where chandeliers can make your room look classy and traditional, spotlights and floor lamps give it a contemporary look. Table lamps placed on either side of the sofa look pleasing and create a warm and welcoming feel.

Just keep these few things in mind and you can surely transform your place in no time. In case you missed reading the post about Foyer Decorating then click here to read.

Happy Decorating!!


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