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Diwali Decor Ideas

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Diwali, the brightest and the most celebrated festival in India.
Unlike other festivals, Diwali celebrations extend over a five-day period. Diwali represents the conquest of good thoughts and deeds over evil tendencies. Each of the five days has its own significance and different ritual. I follow all the rituals and rites religiously, it lights up my heart and mind with spiritually pure intellect. Though it’s a five-day celebration preparation and anxiety begin weeks ahead, we start cleaning, preparing delicacies, and decorating our homes well in advance.
I hope that most of you are done with the cleaning phase and now must be looking for some Diwali decor ideas. So here on 3D, I am sharing some basic tips to decorate your home for Diwali in collaboration with Shalu of Templebells(check out her beautiful home tour here), who is sharing images of her gorgeous home bathed in a warm glow of lights during Diwali and I’ll be sharing ideas on how you too can achieve the look.

Though there are a number of decor elements that can cheer the space up this festive season but here I am sharing three that top my list this Diwali.
Festive Decor
  • Light
Diwali also known as Deepavali, signifies a row of light (deep = light + avali = row) and hence it is a festival of light. That is why the light is the most important element of Diwali decor. Here is how Shalu has incorporated light so harmoniously in her decor.

Festive Decor
My suggestion to achieve this look is-
Illuminate every corner of your home using lamps, lanterns, earthen pots(diyas) and candles but keep in mind that overall appearance should not look cluttered and overdone. Harmony is the key to creating perfect warm and welcoming look. Create a coffee table vignette by clubbing together candles/diyas/tealights of different heights or size and shape.

Festive Decor

To balance the look float some floating candles in uruli and place it on the floor. Don’t forget to light up brass lamps in beautiful shapes and place them on a chest of drawers or console table to pull together the look. Whereas sconces and chandelier will do their magic on walls and ceiling. This way you will be adding light to every corner and nook of your home and making it ready for Diwali.

Festive Decor
  • Flowers 
Diwali decor is incomplete without flowers. Flowers add cheer and vibrancy to the decor. Their intoxicating fragrance can evoke a feeling of happiness and relaxation. Have a look how beautifully Shalu has displayed flowers in her home.

Festive Decor
My tip to display flowers attractively is –
Fill your home’s surrounding in a magical blanket of the fragrance of fresh flowers. Choose an interesting and attractive vase and create a flower centerpiece to place it on the coffee table.

Festive Decor

Try to colour coordinate flowers with the colour of cushions or other decor accents like lanterns or lamps on side tables. Arrange flowers in an elegant way. Flowers with the long stalk in the center then comes the bunch of flowers in some vibrant colour to make flower arrangement bit dense followed by some greens in different shapes and sizes. Now accessorise coffee table with knick-knacks that go well with the flower centerpiece.

Festive Decor

How can I forget the fact that most of us run short of time during this biggest festival and couldn’t manage to create a perfect flower arrangement. No worries at all, I am here to share all sorts of tips. If you are in a hurry then just pick up brass or copper pot (Kalash) that is easily available in every household and fill it with a fresh bunch of carnation, dahlia, daisies, roses, chrysanthemum or any other flower that you have. Pair it with matching accessories and you are ready with an eye-catching display of flowers  in no time.

Festive Decor
If you want to add some more character and drama to your decor then don’t forget to hang strings of marigold on walls and curtain rods. This will complete the festive look.
  • Metals
Metals add the touch of elegance to the decor. No matter silver, brass, bronze or copper metals are in vogue again and add a sense of richness. Mix them beautifully and it will work fine. Check out how elegantly Shalu has mixed metals in her decor.

Festive Decor
My advice on how to incorporate metal in decor-
Brass diyas and figurines bring in a stylish touch to your decor. You can revitalize your space by displaying the beautiful collection of silver/brass/copper accessories. There isn’t any fixed rule of thumb to display metal. try to pair it with light, the metal will gleam in the warm radiance of light and will create a perfect festive ambience.

Festive Decor
A tall standing brass diya is just enough to add the festive touch to your decor. Light it up and arrange some flowers or petals around it to add festive cheer.

Festive Decor
Accents of metal always warm up the space. Don’t afraid to mix and match metals, try to incorporate both warm and cool metals like silver with brass or brass with copper to create a strong decorative statement.
Festive Decor
Few more things you can experiment with Diwali decor this year are….
1. Perk up your living room by adding some more cushions on the sofa in vibrant colours. Pair the cushions in plain colour with the printed ones to create a balanced look.
Festive Decor
2. Try to combine all the three elements light, flowers and metals together in your decor and you will be witnessing the spellbinding ambience.
Festive Decor
I hope you liked the images shared by Shalu and Diwali decor ideas shared by me to revive and brighten up your space. Don’t forget to share this post with all your decor enthusiast friends. Share some of your ideas too, we would love to hear from you. Check out some more Diwali craft and decor ideas here.
Happy Decorating!!
Coming up next is the post on Diwali Gifting Ideas. Stay Tuned!!
P.S. All the images are shared by Shalu Prasad and subject to copyright. Please do not use any of them without permission.

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