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Diwali DIY Made Easy With Venue: Wall Hanging DIY

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This month I will be focusing on Diwali craft and decor ideas only. In a previous post, you learned how to make a Diwali Lamp. In today’s tutorial, you will learn how to make beautiful wall hangings using mundane objects. These hangings add charm to your walls for sure. The best part is that it’s very easy to make these hangings. It took me only an hour to complete the project.
Diwali Wall Hanging
Dell’s venue tab has made my work easy. I clicked all the images of this DIY with the Venue tab and then I made a video using its wonderful application called ‘Movie Studio’ in no time.
Diwali Craft Ideas Using Dell Venue
Here my movie is in progress……….
Diwali Craft Ideas Using Dell Venue

Below is the complete video tutorial on how to make a wall hanging. Enjoy!!

Stay tuned for some more Diwali Decor ideas in my next post!!

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