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Fall-Winter Living Room Decor Ideas

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As the soft morning sun rays peep into my living room I am pleasantly reminded that winter has arrived.
Everyone wants to escape from the chilling winter weather outside and this is the right time of the year
to create cozy, warm, and inviting interiors. How can you achieve that look for your living room…oh let me share some very easy ideas here to welcome winter.
The key is to create a cozy living room by adding some warm colors, plump cushions, woolen throws, thick rugs, soft warm lights, and maybe a woolen blanket to snuggle up with piping hot tea/coffee.
Give a coat of rich color to a wall to make your living room warm and cozy instantly. Colors like yellow, terracotta, gold, purple, orange, and red can do wonders. Add rich colors with accessories, furnishings, and furniture too.
Lay soft carpets and woolen, knitted, crochet, or thick floor rugs to cover up cold floors. Rug not only gives a warm and cozy feel but it looks elegant and adds an element to your decor too. Choose one in the right color and texture. It enhances the relaxing feel of the room.
Plump cushions & pillows scattered or lined up on the sofa with matching fur or woolen throw feel as good as a bear hug in frosty winter weather. Floor pillows and ottomans in warm fabric create a perfect cozy living room for winter.
Soft lighting is a better way to add warmth and create the perfect ambiance for winter. Dim and mood lights are more appealing than brighter ones and give wintry charm. Candle centerpiece and fall flower & leaves decoration beautify the surroundings and the glow of candles brings a calming, warm, and inviting effect.
Now some more things that you can do to make your living room comfortable and relaxing for winter. Line curtains with thermal lining or simply swap them for heavy ones. Create a cozy reading nook to add a touch of winter. An armchair placed near the bookcase with some floor cushions scattered around makes winters more enjoyable and your home interiors more inviting and cozy.
Hope these ideas will be helpful in transforming your abode into a warm, inviting, relaxing, and cozy winter retreat.
Enjoy winters!!
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