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Green green everywhere

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As monsoon has arrived here in Pune, I can see a lot of green everywhere. I am so in love with this lovely weather and greenery all around.

These days I google a lot about container gardening and I’m planning to grow a small but lovely terrace garden. My heart skips a beat whenever I see a lot of greenery and lovely planters. Planters of various kinds and colors add so much fun. A lot of planters and container gardening images are so beautiful that I just want to share them with all my blog readers. While searching for fancy planters and gardening I came across a master gardener Michelle Derviss’s blog. She with her team creates magic in the gardening world.

Gardening is so much fun, you can place a series of pot

Image Source: Click here

or you can just grow a few different kinds of plants in the same container

Image Source: Click here

or use a completely different kind of planter like this, a ceramic head pot

Image Source: Click here

or even you can use a log too as a planter and believe me it looks just perfect.

Image Source: Click here

I have found a lot of inspiration and can’t wait till Sunday so I’m gonna start my work tomorrow itself and let me tell you friends that once I start my gardening project it will be great fun and I am sure that I’ll grow my dream garden though it will take time. Till then all ideas and inspirations are welcome to help me grow my dream terrace garden.

Happy Gardening!!!


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