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Hanging Baskets In My Small Balcony Garden

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I had always wanted hanging baskets in my balcony garden, but I couldn’t find big wrought iron hanging baskets with coir lining here in Pune. So I bought these plastic ones. I didn’t like their dull colors though, so I painted them in vibrant colors.
Balcony Garden

I planted Money plant, Jade, 9 O’clock, Purple Wandering Jew, and Singapore Daisy in some baskets, that my mother had given me and sowed seeds of Virginia Stock and Nasturtium in two baskets, that my mother-in-law had given me. I was desperate like a kid, who just wanted seeds to sprout the moment they were sown. I wanted to see, how my baskets would look when they’re full of foliage and blooms. And slowly it happened.

Balcony Garden
Kid in me was so happy to see some blooms and Virginia Stock sprouts, that were filling the blue basket.
Balcony Garden
Finally, the day arrived when I saw 9 O’clock, Nasturtium, Singapore Daisy and Virginia Stock blooming and Money plant & Jade thriving and spreading cheer in my small garden. This was the sight I was waiting for. It was so heartwarming to look at these baskets.
Balcony Garden
Some close ups………
Balcony Garden
And some different angles………
Balcony Garden
And Purple wandering Jew has become the main attraction in the garden for its lovely purple leaves and the way it’s covering the basket.
Balcony Garden
But now because of cold weather Nasturtium has died 🙁 and 9 O’clock plant has stopped blooming.
Waiting for Spring to arrive now.
Have a great weekend ahead dear all!!

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