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Home Security Myths

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It’s time to talk about home security and

If you’ve read my previous post on home security, there are lots
of myths and misconceptions when it comes to how best to protect your home. I
would like to point out the ones that hold homeowners back from spending money
on better home security solutions. To help you better understand the importance
of home security, I’m going to bust three myths that are floating around about
home security.
Installing an iron safety door makes your home safe
Iron safety doors prevent people from getting
into your home rapidly and forcefully and that is why homeowners consider it
safe for their homes. In my neighborhood, a good number of people have
installed iron safety doors. However, these doors are not completely safe.
Opening the door without knowing who is on the other side of it, could
jeopardize the safety of the people who are inside the home.
Hiding a spare key under the doormat or a flower pot is safe
Lots of people hide their spare keys outside
their homes, either under a doormat, a rock, or inside a pot. It is both the most
common and the least secure, ‘hiding the spare key’ strategy. People who hide
their keys in this manner believe they have found the best hiding place ever
and some of them assume that their neighbourhood is safe. But the fact is that
most thefts occur because of poorly hidden spare keys. It’s best, therefore, to
play it safe. Always avoid leaving your keys unsecured and exposed. Use keyless
locks or entrust your keys to trustworthy people.
Thefts happen only at night
Now this is also a misconception across large
sections of the urban populace, who still believe that thefts happen only at
night, and ensure that every door and window is bolted properly. The same
people are very relaxed during the daytime, and don’t bother locking their doors
when they step outside to run errands or to chit-chat with neighbors in their
vicinity. Contrary to popular perception, many burglaries are carried out in
broad daylight. Every home has a stream of visitors from the courier service to
the odd handyman; some of whom keep a tab on the goings on in your
neighborhood and share vital information with burglars.

home security solutions
To avoid such untoward incidents, be attentive and equip yourself with the best home security products and solutions on the market.
For example, one great idea would be to install a video door phone. Then, you wouldn’t have to open the door to people you don’t know. If you don’t recognize someone turn on the camera, communicate
with them, and then decide whether it is safe to open the door or not.
I hope that I’ve successfully debunked some break-in myths and that you will all be a little more alert and careful! 


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