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Indian Summers And My Home

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The last few days of Indian summers and my home basks in the warm glow of sunshine every evening.
The beauty of the setting sun and the sight of the sky full of myriad colors is so breathtaking that my joyful eyes just can’t stop gazing at this spellbinding view.
Here I am sharing some of the images of my home that I used to click every evening in the summers 🙂
The embellishment on the votive makes the place shine even more astonishingly.
Indian Home

Sun kissed corner in my living room. Did you notice the pink paper flower in the vase made by my son. I proudly gave it a place in the vase.

Indian Home
The soft glow of the sun made my cute little Gajraj look even more majestic.
Indian Home

And let me share my favorite spot in my home where I enjoy my evening cuppa. I get to see this beauty as I sit down and relax in my living room. A lovely reflection of my patch of green.

My Home

Come now I will take you out in my balcony garden. Here is how my plants in the hanging basket look against the warm glow of the setting sun.

My Home
And here’s the sun bidding adieu and whispering a promise for tomorrow.
My home

Evening sky, full of colours. A sight that provokes awe.

My Home
I was missing out in action because my laptop hard disk crashed and most importantly I was too busy with my hyperactive son. His summer breaks mean I am always on my toes. But soon his summer break will be over and I will be back on track.
Here is a teaser of my upcoming post later this month about my garden, so stay tuned.
Have a great week ahead. Coming up next is a post about a brilliant artist.

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