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Inspiring Eminent Artist: Smita Bakshi

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So this is the first post of the new year and I wish all my readers a very wonderful and very happy new year. I am starting this year with a very creative artist and art lover Smita BakshiLet’s meet Smita and know how she rediscovered her lost passion and I am sure you will be inspired. Over to Smita.

 First of all, I would Like to thanks Disha for featuring my artwork on her blog.  I am so much in love with her creativity.
I am Smita Bakshi an MBA, HR Manager by profession. I am very professional, focused, and methodical when it comes to work. I have been doing good in my career. I am married and have a seven-year-old boy and eventually, they are married to my artwork now. I have been very creative and art has always been my first love. I started painting when I was ten years old.  I remember drawing the diagrams for my friends in their projects. I have made a lot of paintings which still hang at my relatives’, friends’, and my own home. It gives an immense pleasure to have the love and respect gotten from all of them.

 Life changed after I finished school,  all these years I had been so busy that I almost forgot that once I was an art lover.  Last year I had a doctor’s appointment and while waiting for my turn I randomly started sketching and from then it never stopped………

Amazing isn’t it


Oh!! I just love these cushions……….

I don’t consider myself an artist. I’m just not comfortable with that word at all. I like to just think of it as pursuing and living a creative life. I am me, a person who creates because it makes my soul happy, centers me, and fills me with a sense of self-satisfaction and joy. In fact, my husband didn’t even know that I could draw until I started SketchiiStudio and so did all of you who are reading about it, take some time out from your busy life and find the “YOU” in Yourself.
About my Art :
SketchiiStudio is my creative space. It makes me happy to have my own space , a dedicated space and filled with the things that inspire me and make me feel good, just like I did.  Creativity makes my soul happy, centers me and fills me with a sense of self satisfaction and joy.

My style of work is primarily figurative and abstract so I mostly do illustrations and abstract art. My art is made very creatively with a lot of detailing. I absolutely adore pure and bright colors and love to challenge god’s natural chroma and patterns within my imagination. I use ink, watercolor, and acrylics on paper and canvas mostly. I have promised myself to have at least one artwork added every fortnight. So stay tuned and visit my page – SketchiiStudioI have recently opened my shop.

Thank you so much, Smita for joining us. Wish you a great success ahead!!
Here are some links where you can get in touch with Smita and check out her amazing creations.
My Shop: is a lovely start to the new year on 3D. In case you missed reading about artists I featured last year then get inspired here.

Happy Reading!!!


All images are provided by Smita Bakshi and are subject to copyright. Please don’t use them without permission.

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