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Lets Talk About Mirror

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Hola readers!! Today’s post on my blog is a guest post written by Sravani. More about her at the end of this post. She is sharing some wonderful tips on the best places to place a mirror at home.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest them of all.” This mirror on the wall is not a mere object of reflection. It plays such an important role in Cinderella’s life that it can be considered to be one of the main characters in the story. The same is true with our homes.
This seemingly unassuming object finds a place in almost every room of our house and quietly performs a range of functions. Performing its main function of showing a person what he looks like, the mirror has an undisputed place in bathrooms, above wash basins, and in dressing/make-up corners of the house. Inside the bedroom and guestrooms, mirrors should be placed so as not to invade the privacy of a person. “Vaastu Shastra suggests that the mirror should not reflect the bed. Similarly, it should not be placed in front of the study table.”
Narrow passageways or rooms will appear to be more spacious if mirrors are placed lengthwise to give an appearance of increased space.

Mirrors can be used intelligently to show or reflect beautiful views. A mirror may be placed opposite a window that opens to a beautiful view. Similarly, mirrors can be used to reflect sunlight inside the house while taking care to prevent glare. Mirrors reflecting the dining table are believed to symbolize food abundance by reflecting food on the table. Whichever room they are placed in, mirrors should not distract or disturb normal activities and privacy. E.g. Mirror reflecting the sofa set would catch the attention of the person sitting on the couch and distract him during the conversation.

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One of the most ingenious uses of mirrors I have seen is the one in Shiva temples. The sanctum sanctorum where the Shiva ling is placed is almost always at a lower level which has to be reached by going down a staircase. So a huge mirror is placed behind the Shivalingam in such a manner that the lingam is visible from the main podium of the temple which is at a higher level. This principle can be used to view a lower hall from an upper hall or balcony in big houses and duplex flats. Mirrors can be strategically placed to view an unseen spot to help secure the home. Typically, mirrors are placed to show the visitor standing outside the door to people inside the house. This is exactly what CCTV cameras do.
Apart from showing people’s images and good views, the scientific properties of the mirror come in handy for home décor. Multiple reflections and refractions can be used to create brilliant, starry items to increase the “wow” rating of your home. This includes chandeliers, lamp holders adorned with mirrors, clocks, and wall pieces made of glass and mirrors. Remember the glass and mirror works of Rajasthani and Moghul style?

So, go ahead and employ this mirror to create a splendid image of the home of your dreams.

Author : Sravani Padmanabhuni


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