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Living Room Decor

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Few days ago I updated on my Facebook Page 3D Design Decor & Disha that I have rearranged and gave a completely new look to my living room. Here is a post that I promised for.
Earlier seating arrangement in my living room was on the other side of the room where it partially blocked the way to terrace as you can see in the picture below. You can see more pictures here.
Sometimes rearranging furniture in any room can make it appear completely new and arranging furniture in a good way is the secret to make it spacious too. I shifted whole seating arrangement to the other side of the room and it worked. Room is now looking more spacious, pleasing and inviting.
Now I keep my terrace door always open and the result is room filled with natural light and fresh air that makes me even more happy.
Keeping some green and flowering plants in a tray with aromatherapy essential oil fill the room with soul refreshing aroma and work as a stress buster place in a room. Picture gallery wall brings lot of memories back and make me smile every time I look at them.
Here entrance wall has got a new mirror that my sweet little sister got me from her trip to marvelous Bhedaghat in M.P. This is the view of room from entrance.
Entrance sets a tone for the rest of the home. This mirror made of shells and conch is perfect for summers and look stunning against my mango yellow wall. Separate post on this mirror will be a good idea.

The next posts will be on my weekend project and of course about this shell mirror. So stay tuned!!
Wish you a very happy and creative weekend!!


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  1. That room sounds and looks like my perfect room! Lots of morning brightness and evening breeze plus the touch of green- awesomeness!!

    I'll be waiting for the post on the mirror from Bhedaghat. I have a lot of beautiful memories from childhood of that place. My maternal grand-parents are from Jabalpur, which makes the city close to my heart.

  2. Wow, what a spectacular change! I thought this was a different room and I had the impression that even the furniture was different! I'm pinning the last pic with the yellow wall, it's so beautiful!

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