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Make The Atmosphere In Your Home As Beautiful As The Decor

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I am a very well-organised and meticulous person when it comes to my home so home
odours have never been a problem. But the stickler for freshness that I am, I cannot help but
continuously try to make my home smell better!Godrej aer Air Freshener

Don’t you think that a particular smell or fragrance is so strongly associated with our brain that the moment that particular smell reaches our olfactory receptors it brings back a lot of memories. A particular smell can easily transport you to the place where you have been to once. For an instance, the smell of unappetizing foods can take you to neighbour aunt’s home whose home’s smell and food you never liked as a child.

The problem with house smell is that the homeowner remains unaware of it or they become used to it and can’t smell it the way other people can do. Between food, pollution and unattended water puddles, the odour of your home is something you might not notice.

Do you think your home does not smell well enough? Are you boggled as to why despite all the efforts, there seems to be something amiss with the freshness? Here is how you can keep your home enveloped in an ambience of freshness.

How to make your home smell better:
We are all well aware that urban apartments are spatially challenged. This is the most common reason why the odour lasts for a long in tiny apartments. Your home may not exactly be smelling bad, but it may lack a certain freshness which is often almost impossible to detect.

How To Make Home Smell Amazing

The smell can arise from various sources like cooking, pet odour, old furniture, carpet, mold, cigarette smoke, trash cans, smelly bathrooms or sometimes even a strong body odour can contribute to house smell. If you are able to find out the source of smell you have already won half the battle. Now let’s fix the issue.

If unappetizing food or cigarette/cigar smoke is the cause of house smell just open up the windows and let the fresh air circulate in your home. Now spray some best smelling air fresheners for home, I have Godrej aer spray and it works just amazingly. Your home will smell inviting and fresh. They have a special fragrance – Musk after Smoke that does wonders to mask the smoke smell. I use it frequently post parties at home. 

How To Make Home Smell Amazing

What if old furniture, carpets, and trash cans are the offenders. Then house cleaning, steam cleaning or vacuuming the carpet, repainting the furniture and emptying trash can regularly are the solutions to the house smell problem but if you don’t wish to spend a lot on all these then air freshener spray is the answerIf you have guests coming over, it’s great to get your home and bathrooms smelling fresh and ready to set the mood for the party. 

Air freshener

Next comes the odour from pets that can be really annoying because if you are staying with them, it is almost certain you will not be able to identify it as a cause. Give your pets a nice bath and try to keep them clean regularly. Get them house trained. Once you have fixed the problem it’s time to fill your home with a long lasting fragrance. Yes! I am talking about air freshener.

How Home Smell Amazing

Toilets smell for obvious reasons. Maintaining them well and cleaning them regularly can totally dissipate the smell. Make sure that after cleaning the toilets you use the best bathroom freshener that doesn’t fade with time.

Godrej Air Freshener

These are some tips I follow religiously to make my home smell amazing all the time. After all, your home is your den where you stay day in and day out and you know well how smells have a great impact on our mood. So, encourage a cheerful disposition with a fresh, beautiful home aroma.

Now we’ll meet in the new year dear readers. Take good care of yourself and have a great time with family and friends. In case you missed reading my previous blog on my blogging journey till date here is the link for you!!

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