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Mother’s Day Party & A Giveaway!!

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First I would like to wish all the beautiful, lovely, hard-working, devoted, caring, and loving mommies all around the world a very happy Mother’s Day!!!

Now I would like to give my wishes to a very special person who is a beautiful woman inside and out, who is my truest friend, who teaches me how to behave, who keeps pushing me to be better, who always motivates me, who teaches me to be true to myself, who is really a big part of me, who is everything to me, my love for her is inexplicable-

Happy Mother’s Day My Dearest Mom
Image: Mine

Now I have great news I am hosting a ‘Mother’s Day Party and a Giveaway’. I want all the mommies and children out there to speak their heart out. Lets share your sweet/bitter memories and experiences of pregnancy and parenting. I have a big big surprise for one whose story will touch lot of hearts.

Mother’s Day Party & Giveaway
1. Anyone blogger or non-blogger can participate in this giveaway.
2. Write about any sweet, bitter, funny, embarrassing moment or anything that brings back memories of time spent with your mother/kid, can be a picture or poem or just a sentence to express feelings will be considered as a valid entry.
3. Bloggers can write a post and publish it in their blog and link it by clicking on the link button at the end of the post. Non-bloggers can directly mail me their stories on and I will submit their post on behalf of them.
4. Party starts on 12th May 2013 and will end on 31st May 2013 announcement of winners will take place  on 2nd June.
5. First two entries have a change to win an assured gift. Yes you heard it right!! Post that will get highest number of votes will be a winner and the prize is a big surprise (will disclose little later)!!
6. Following this blog isn’t mandatory but if you love reading this blog then following it will ensure that you will not miss any update.Go get your lovely stories and share them here, party has begun 🙂

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