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My Hand Painted Tray!!

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An elephant’s picture on the packaging of the incense stick caught my fancy
 and the moment I saw it I wanted to paint it somewhere.
I painted it on a plastic tray and put all my imagination and creativity to make it look different from what is available easily in the market. How I did it. I chose a bit different color combinations, motifs, and intricate designs that reflect the true essence of India.
Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

When I started the ‘Indian Art‘ series and ‘Indian Textile‘ series on my blog I read a lot about different art forms and textiles and was intrigued by the beauty of all art forms and textiles around the world. I was determined that I would try my hand on each one of them whether it is art or textile. I have tried art forms like Warli, Madhubani, Gond, Tangle art, and Tye-die pattern on terracotta figurines and now I am trying to paint textile patterns like Ikat, Kilim, Block printing, Kanjivaram and here is one that recently I painted….. Suzani on my elephant. Doesn’t it look wonderful? I liked the combination of sienna, pink, black and white.

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

A year ago I saw a cabinet painted in a Suzani pattern and I was inspired to do something like that. So I came up with this idea with my personal touch of course.

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

I loved the way this tray has turned out. Intricate work that is done with a lot of patience.

Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray
Leaving you with some more images………….
Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray
Suzani Elephant Hand Painted Tray

Let me know how you like it 🙂 Working on some more interesting projects so stay tuned!!


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