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Photo Flashback: Diwali Moments Of 3D Readers

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Sharing today on my blog, Diwali images sent by dear 3D readers. When I got messages from 3D readers about featuring their Diwali moments here on my blog, I couldn’t say no despite lot of workload as my readers are my blog’s lifeline…..anything for you dear readers.
So here is how Safal Chitre describes her Diwali decor moments as “Diwali decor dhamaka”. She made everything on her own. You can click here to know how creative she is.
She used bright colours and beautiful patterns for Diwali rangoli. Rangoli is a design/pattern made on floor using colourful dried powders. It is made to welcome goddess Laxmi. Without rangoli Diwali decor is considered incomplete.
Diwali Decor Ideas
Here are some corners of her home glowing in warm glow.
Diwali Decor Ideas
She made Toran herself, Diwali’s most famous delicacy Karanji/Gujiya made by her and her beautiful star lantern which she describes as if star has landed in her patio.
Diwali Decor Ideas
And here is how Amit Bhatnagar (yes 3D is read by men too…happy me!!) created a warm and welcoming Diwali vignette. He even shared the process with us:
The look is very simple to create!!
Diwali Decor Ideas

First take a banana leaf. If you find it difficult to get it then hunt your garden and search any big leaf. I took Philodendron leaf. Then have any
Ganesh idol of stone or terracotta whichever is available. Next place a brass lamp of small shape and some terracotta diya. Place tealights in it.
Now the last thing take some nice shape small teracotta diyas and paint them in white color n put some different color flowers or petals of marigold and rose in it.

Oh I truly liked his Ganesha idol and the beautiful vignette that he created with such simple things!!
Diwali Decor Ideas

Even if you don’t have flowers at the moment then simply put some red vermilion and turmeric powder in them…and see your corner is ready.

I liked these beautiful images of festive decor shared by lovely people. What about you!!
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