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Matsya Mayur Gond Art


Adorn your walls with a Matsya Mayur Gond art print, destined to make an impression. Gond art is an ancient Indian folk art form which features birds, animals, trees and other elements of nature. This captivating Gond art print, infused with lively hues, draws inspiration from nature’s beauty. The art print is a reproduction of the original work designed and illustrated by Disha for the “Indian Folk Art Adult Coloring Book”. This art print can be a perfect gift for loved ones or for adding a touch of elegance to your home.


  • Prints are available in different sizes.
  • Printed on high-quality matte paper.
  • The actual color of the print may vary.
  • Allow us a week day’s time to fulfil your order.
  • The print does not include a frame.
  • Any size larger than 12″ x 15″ will be shipped in a hard cardboard tube.

Additional information


5" x 4", 10" x 8", 15" x 12", 20" x 16", 8" x 6", 12" x 9", 16" x 12", 20" x 15", 24" x 18", 6" x 4", 12" x 8", 18" x 12", 24" x 16", 30" x 20", 36" x 24", 7" x 5", 14" x 11"


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