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Quick Update!!

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It’s a quick update on what I am up to.
This is Madhubani which my younger sister drew for me.

Something very special and amazing that I would like to share here is that my sister never heard of Madhubanhi paintings, and didn’t even know how to make one, and then too when I asked her to make one for me she just said yes. You must be wondering that if she doesn’t know Madhubani then why did I ask her to make it?
Because I know she can draw very well, she is a good painter too, she is an artist at heart who doesn’t know much about different art forms but is always eager to learn.

She just googled, stared at some Madhubani paintings, and stayed awake till 3:00 AM and the next morning I was just surprised and amazed to see what she had come up with. My jaw dropped and my eyes popped out when I saw her work.

She made such beautiful Madhubani, I am awestruck to see such intricate work….every detail she gave is beyond excellence. Not sharing complete artwork here as I want to paint it first.

You lovely people…you stay tuned and I’ll be coming up with a painted and completed piece of this artwork. Till then you just tell me how you find the sneak peek of my sister’s artwork.

Happy Painting!!!


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