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View From My Balcony

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Earlier you must have seen a lot of pictures of beautiful views from my balcony. In case you have missed those views you can see them here and here

A few days ago I got a weird yet amazing view that I feel I had never seen before and I have to share it with you’ll. Watching those huge red, grey, and black overcast right in front of me was a bit horrifying experience. 

It looked like a huge planet that was slowly coming down to earth.
Slowly the surroundings became darker and overcast reaching closer to the horizon.

It was getting darker …….

and darker……

It was so terrifying but I enjoyed the show. I just love each and every view that I get from my balcony.

Wish you all a very happy weekend 🙂


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  1. Beautiful captures Disha..however a little scary too at the same time..feels something like out of the Godzilla and other such movies:)Loved the hues though and the way it has build up.

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