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Wall Stories: Wall Of Masks & Wall Of Memories

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After two very well received blogs on “Wall Stories” time to move on to the third blog and no, this is not the last in this series contrary to what I had said in my previous post as I’m still receiving requests to feature more walls. So as and when time allows I’ll be coming back with all the amazing walls and their stories.
Wall Of Masks And Memories
In case you missed reading the previous wall stories then below are the links for you:
Today with me are some of my talented and dear friends and they are sharing how they incorporate memories in their decor and how a wall can be dedicated to proudly display the collection of masks picked from the different places. Let’s meet them and know who they are!
Gayathri has been living in US since past ten years. She is a home decor enthusiast and is passionate about collecting brass artefacts for her home. 
Pinky Shah lives in Ontario, Canada. She is a brass aficionado, I have never seen such stunning and always sparkling brass artefacts as Pinky has. Her home is as beautiful as her decor accessories are. Hemal lives in Kenya, East Africa. She has a strong liking for handmade stuff which is quite evident in her home. Her home is a warm and inviting place and is a treasure trove of delightful stuff. 
Chitra Seetharaman lives in Illinois, USA. She loves to play “ home dress up” and now she is doing it on a professional level. Her home is an outlet to all her pent up energy that’s why she decorates, organises and cleans her home like therapy. 
Deepika has a beautiful home in Texas, USA and what a gorgeous space she keeps. Her color choice and impeccable styling are what I admire a lot. Bindu Joseph is from Kerala, India. She has an amazing sense of decor and styling. Her beautiful abode is full of all things beautiful that can make all decor enthusiasts week in the knees. 
Nirmala Thiyagarajan lives in Washington, USA. Her style of decorating is a mix of styles though the emphasis is on ethnic style. She loves earthy tones, Moroccan decor and Buddha statues. After looking at her home’s pictures one can easily call it a little India.
Hina Khurram is joining us from Islamabad, Pakistan. She is a bubbly creative girl. She loves vintage things, pretty homes, doodles and all things colorful. 
Shazina lives in Noida, India. She is a doctor, geneticist, scientist and a dreamer. However, she loves being her creative self. Shaz is passionate about art, paintings, décor and DIYs. 
Shweta Markandeywar lives in Arizona, USA. She is a powerhouse of talent and every nook and corner in her home exudes creativity and warmth in abundance. I can spend hours looking at the images of her beautiful home. 
Deepika Ganeshan lives in Ontario, Canada. She is an intermittent blogger and constant rambler. She creates beautiful pieces of jewellery and is passionate about the same. She is decor enthusiast and loves to create and decorate.
Now that we have met all the talented ladies let’s get the ball rolling and see what’s in store today. If you wish to know more about them you can click the link that I have embedded in each subheading below. 
Starting with…

*~~~~Wall Of Masks~~~~*

Gayathri’s Wall Of Masks:
“My name is Gayathri, I have been living in the US for about 10 years. I have two kids aged 5 and 2.5. I am an auditor by profession. If I am not working or spending time with family, I am re-arranging the house. I am quite passionate about Indian home decor and brass antiques. I set this wall of masks in the theme of Ramayana. the top row is Garuda (left) and Ravana(right), followed by Hanuman in the middle, next row is Rama(left) and Sita(right), followed by a cow Surabhi which is the daughter of sage Kashyapa and Krodhavasa, the daughter of Daksha.”

Wall Decor
Image: Gayathri(bgayathri)

Pinky’s Wall Of Masks:
My husband and I are emotional creatures when it comes to the home front and we both are deeply affected by our surroundings. Our home is an expression of our individuality and a vessel of memories we created. So, when our newly done basement unlocked many fresh opportunities for us to reveal more of our personality and passion, we both started brewing creative schemes for this new space. My vision for a gallery wall of masks suited perfectly for a fashionable focal point. After pondering over, we both finally nailed another gallery wall in our home. Each mask here on this mask wall tells a story! The wall is not only an ode to all those beautiful years we have spent in Africa but it also reminds us of an unforgettable holiday or our travel to an exotic island from where we never fail to collect a piece to add our mounting collection of masks. While the rest of the walls are done in a warm grey shade the gallery wall is given a lick of bright hue to make masks stand out. Now every time we pass the wall, we both proudly smug about being bold enough to experiment something new and rewrite the rule book of the gallery wall with our personal touch”.

Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Pinky (pinkzpassion)
My feature wall is in a long hallway which connects our living room with the bedrooms. This area is difficult to photograph as it is narrow. To work my way around this and add interest, I have tried to create a vista that ends in a focal point. On one side of the corridor are my collection of masks and favourite objects and at the far end of the corridor is a focal point featuring a bright artwork.”
Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Hemal (hemalpaliwal)
“This kind of vista helps me tie the space together with the help of bright colors. I have masks from Kenya, Ghana, Jamaica, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia in my collection. The small table under the masks houses my favourite objects which I keep rotating from time to time. Currently, beaded dolls from Cameroon are adding prettiness to this space. Bright rugs finish the look.”
Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Hemal
“This is my wanderlust wall. This wall is filled with our travel memories and artifacts. Each item here was handpicked to be displayed right here on this wall.
Clockwise – Ram Sita was a special find from Bali, Tara the bronze face is from Srilanka, The wooden lady with the basket from Thailand and the colorful lady at the bottom was from Puerto Rico. The wanderlust wall mural is from Amazon. My hope is to fill this wall one day with all our special finds.”
Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Chitra (artfullystagedabode)
This is my favorite wall that I color-matched with a beautiful uppada saree hand embroidered with chikku muggu ( kolam) designs that my mom had sent for our housewarming. The many moods of this green throughout the day is breathtaking and always feels anew.  I am glad that I chose Green over my husband’s choice of blue-black 🙂 The rustic bench is a find from a Dallas-based Indian furniture store. The Madhubani painting is a wedding gift from friends, the horse is a HomeGoods find. The throw is from FabIndia and the kalamkari cushions are from my own online store Isan. The masks are from Khazana, a Minneapolis Indian decor store. The Buddha, red urli and the elephant tassels are from the world market”.
Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Deepika (saffronanddaisies)
*~~~~Wall Of Memories~~~~*

Bindu’s Wall Of Memories:

Speaking about this gallery wall it is wrapped up with a lot of memories. Most of the things are bought during my travels. The floral painting was done by myself, the stick you see above the painting is used to control the elephants (earlier we used to have elephants) and it’s kept for its remembrance, the lion head is a door knocker, and the frame around is an antique one which I painted into golden color, the bugs are actually tabletop accessory which I have stuck into a board with help of gum and hung it, the little man (tribal man) see there is gifted by my sister from South Africa.”
Wall Of Memories
Image: Bindu (bindujoseph77)
“I think this wall is not completed yet there is a long way to go. This wall is on the way upstairs, each and every time I pass this view definitely gives me a lot of pleasure and happiness.”
Wall Decor Ideas
Closer look at Bindu’s wall of memories
This specific little wall in my bedroom that I recently updated has now become very close to my heart. Here, I have tried to incorporate my babies’ precious first pictures. I was left with quite a few pictures from all the sonograms I had during my three pregnancies, I always knew I should be doing much more with them than just tucking them away inside. I picked out a few and created a collage frame with their first footprints and loved the idea of framing the black and white photos with a fun bright background and voila my 3 masterpieces were ready to be put up. My precious first memories of my little peanuts are now framed forever here. A perfect sight I wake up to every single day and be thankful for. 
Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Nirmala (ocher.cottage)
I finished the look with some complementing decorative accents and a carved wood floor mirror that makes a dramatic statement. A cluster of things I love and adore belong here now. When Disha asked me to write about my design philosophy I realised I didn’t really have one that easily came to my mind. It pretty much should be delightful to me and to people who encounter it. I love the process of designing and keep reminding myself that design is never perfect but rather organic. I follow no specific rules and change the decor to suit myself. My decorating style has been ever-evolving,  while I can call it eclectic I see myself being drawn to ethnic Indian which I guess is reflected here.”
Wall Of Memories
Image: Nirmala
Life is Short’ but sweet we make it ourselves… I have this insane love for bright colors and interiors so I got this living room wall done in Yellow color!

That just cheers me up seeing it 100 times in a day and then to top it up, I have this love for frames… so I started putting memories up on that yellow wall and I felt I had to put some other elements along with the frames to hold it more and to give it a kind of a vintage look too… so added the blue pottery plates and made this rustic frame myself that’s right in the middle and last edition in the yellow wall is the plate that says “flip-flop till u drop” that a friend got from America and I decided it will bring a little retro touch to it so it got up too… 😊 decorating this wall is a never-ending process!! And it might sound crazy but I have always admired the house of the seven dwarfs and the house of those three bears in Goldilocks so I tried making my home look cosier and warm just like that! 😊

Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Hina (vinatge_colors_handmade)
“When I and S bought our first home together, we were experiencing many ‘firsts’. Our home, our baby our new jobs. We wanted to set it up perfectly. 
 The accent wall in the living room was the focus.  I bought this mirror from a local art exhibition at Saharanpur. It compliments our wooden furniture perfectly. My little knicks and knacks are mostly from our travels across the globe. 
I would want to thank Disha for this great post that lets me share my love for pretty things. Can’t wait to see what’s more in store”. 
Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Shaz (shazinas)
Shweta’s Wall Of Memories:
“A family is what makes a home truly special and for us a memory wall celebrates the family as a whole.

While each person has a space in the house that allows him to show off his own personality, we have a wall in our house going upstairs that holds and represents all of the good times we had over the years and the memories we created to cherish forever.
I have a black and white theme going on with all the prints and photos perfect place to display my favourites and we all love our staircase wall gallery.”
Wall Of Memories
Image: Shweta (shweta_hm)

Deepika’s Wall Of Memories:

This wall is in the corridor space on the top floor of the house just as you come up the stairs and leads to the reading nook. Though I don’t get a lot of time to sit in the reading nook, I wanted a gallery wall with some vacation memories for when I do have the time to sit and read or take a breather. Hence, the idea of the travel gallery wall.”
Wall Decor Ideas
Image: Deepika (deepika_ganeshan)
This contains framed prints from our trip to Jamaica ( a picture of me and my son in the pool, a picture of my son with a beautiful macaw parrot perching in his head), watercolor prints from photos I took when we were in Sri Lanka (a row of fishing boats moored on a sandy beach, the pagoda with prayer flags fluttering in the breeze in Kandy, a flower stall outside the Sacred Buddhist temple selling beautifully lotus flowers, and tumbling vines from our hotel grounds). The most recent additions are a memory box I made from our trip to Greece ( containing pictures of the nice lady who always made me Nutella crepes, a beautiful red flower pot, and a Greek grandpa who owned a beautiful iron works studio with whom my son forged an instant connection. This memory box also contains a beautiful smooth polished stone that the Greek grandpa gave my son as a souvenir). I was lucky enough to find some beautiful whitewashed frames with iron rings – these seemed perfect for framing pictures of Santorini.”
Wall Of Memories
Image: Deepika
With this, we come to the end of today’s wall stories. Hope you all enjoyed it and found some inspiration too. Next, I’ll be coming up with ‘Garden Wall Stories’ so if you think you have a beautifully decorated wall in your garden that can fit this feature you can write to me here!!
Happy Decorating Lovely Folks!!

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