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When Creative Juices Flow: DIY Stained Glass Jars & Bottles

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When I moved to my new haven I carried along all the stuff that I’d hoarded over the years and that I wanted to turn into treasure, like empty glass jars and bottles, cardboard boxes, cans and plastic containers 😮 Then husband advised, rather ordered to give all that away to our maid, and reluctantly I did it. Guess what;-)) me being me I gave away only half of the junk and kept back rest of it for my DIY projects.
I was pondering over what to do with these glass jars and bottles and googled a number of times and I found some wonderful inspirations. Then ideas started flooding in my mind and I made a lot of stained glass bottles and jars and used them in every possible way. It’s a good project for Diwali also. You can make lots of lanterns for Diwali and can hang them on a balcony/terrace or in your garden with an LED tealight inside it. Check out some more Diwali Craft Ideas click here & here.
I used it as a Vase: It looked beautiful.

 As Lanterns: 


It looks beautiful at night.


As a Planter: 


Grow plants like money plant or any other plant that can grow in water.


As a Pen & Brush Holder: 


Being an  artist how can you forget your brushes. They also deserve some nice place to sit in.


Now here’s a step-wise tutorial for dear readers.
1. Take an empty glass jar or bottle.
2. Wash and let it dry. You can wipe it with spirit afterward to remove any trace of soap.
3. Take a glass painting color of your choice and paint outside of the bottle with a sponge brush.
4. Let it dry for 24 hrs. Though I was impatient and waited only for 3-4 hrs.
5. Use 3D outliner to make outlines and then let it dry.
6. Fill glass colors of your choice inside the 3D outlined design. Let it dry.
7. Alternatively, you can skip step 5 & 6 and can use pearl/shimmer color to directly paint on stained glass or bottle as I did in peacock feather patterned jar.

Here you go. Your Stained glass jar is ready. Imaginations and possibilities are numerous, use your creativity.

P.S : –
1. If your brush strokes are visible on the glass jar and finishing is not that good, try this trick, pour a small quantity of  glass color in the bottle and swirl it inside the bottle until color spreads entirely. Keep the bottle upside down on paper/towel and let it dry. Wipe off extra color from the rim.
3. You can use acrylic color also and using mod-podge you can stick object of your choice. I stuck peacock feather (refer image 2).
2.  For glossy finish and durability apply a coat of varnish on the finished product and let it dry.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know your views and opinions…. leave your comments.
Have a wonderful weekend and stay creative!!!


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11 Responses

  1. We are a lot alike!! I hoard tin can and glass jars for future use too..
    I have painted them and kept them to use God knows when !!
    super liked your stuffs today and recycling in a pretty way is fashionable these days 🙂

  2. The bottles look beautiful. You did a great job!

    I can truly relate to the starting of this post. My husband keeps asking me to part ways with the stuff that I have been collecting from days but I just cannot.

    Presently, I have a few plastic bottles and I am still trying to figure our what to do with them. If I don't get started soon, I'll have to throw them away. I am actually testing Hubs patience now 😉

    Thanks for motivating!

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