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When Creative Juices Flow

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Something comes out very interesting and amazing whenever creative juices flow into our lives. This happens in everybody’s life at least once but for us creative people it happens every now and then. So in my case, I have to admit that I am obsessed with DIY projects especially using aluminium foil. I have made a lot of things using waste aluminium foil.

Today I’m sharing my latest DIY. In this project, I used an earthen pot, most popularly known as Kulhar which is used as a cup for serving tea at railway stations in North India and Maharashtra.
I covered this pot completely with the leftover aluminium foil. Then made some designs by making the coils of aluminium foil and glued them on the pot. This is how it looks

And now it’s adorning one of the corners of my living room.

This looks perfect with Krishna Radha statue.

Earthen pot + Aluminium foil = A beautiful art piece

One more DIY(aluminium foil) I have to show you so please wait and keep visiting this space.

Stay Creative!!!


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