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Celebrate India’s Rich Folk Art: Introducing Two Stunning Products for Holiday Gifting!

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The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread joy and warmth than with unique and thoughtful gifts? Calling all art lovers, mindful colorists, and holiday gift-givers! We are thrilled to introduce two recently launched products that are sure to spark creativity and delight in your loved ones. Dive into the mesmerizing world of Indian folk arts with our meticulously crafted adult coloring book and elevate your gifting game with our exclusive “Spark Your Senses” holiday gift box.

1. Discover the Rich History of Ancient Indian Folk Arts with Our Adult Coloring Book

Immerse Yourself in the Magic of Four Unique Folk Arts: Our adult coloring book takes you on a journey through the vibrant and diverse folk arts of India.

  • Gond of Madhya Pradesh: Dance with vibrant geometric patterns and mythical creatures inspired by tribal life.
  • Madhubani of Bihar: Breathe life into intricate floral motifs and captivating stories from Hindu mythology.
  • Warli of Maharashtra: Capture the essence of simplicity and joy with bold geometric shapes and playful figures.
  • Pattachitra of Odisha: Enter a world of vibrant deities and captivating folktales, hand-drawn with intricate details.


From Hand to Heart:

What sets our adult coloring book apart is its authenticity. All 20 illustrations are not digitally created; they are first-hand drawn and then meticulously vectorized to preserve the essence of the original artwork. The book layout, cover design, and back cover are all crafted by yours truly, ensuring a truly unique and personal touch. This labor of love is not just a coloring book; it’s a portal to India’s cultural treasures.

Limited Time Offer:

To make this holiday season even more special, we are offering a 20% discount on the Indian Folk Art Adult Coloring Book. Indulge yourself in the beauty of Indian folk arts and bring a touch of tradition to your creative pursuits. Hurry, this offer is valid until 24th December 2023!


2. Spark Joy and Elevate Your Gifting Experience with the “Spark Your Senses” Holiday Gift Box

Give the gift of creativity and relaxation with this beautifully curated box.

A Feast for the Senses:

Introducing our “Spark Your Senses” holiday gift box – a curated collection that goes beyond the ordinary. This thoughtfully designed box includes the Indian Folk Art – Adult Coloring Book that offers a gateway to artistic exploration and cultural discovery, four mini bubble candles for a relaxing ambiance, a dot mandala keychain for a touch of elegance, and a delectable chocolate bar to satisfy your sweet cravings while coloring.

Perfect Holiday Gifting Idea:

Whether you’re searching for the ideal present for a friend, family member, or even treating yourself, the “Spark Your Senses” gift box is a one-of-a-kind choice. This exquisite gift box is the perfect way to:

  • Show your loved ones you care: Celebrate their individuality and inspire their creative spirit.
  • Spread the joy of India’s diverse art forms: Share a piece of your cultural heritage or spark curiosity in someone new.
  • Treat yourself! Unwind, de-stress, and unlock your artistic potential.
  • Encourage off-screen time: Spend time mindfully and away from social media.

Limited-Time Bundle Discount:

To make your holiday shopping even merrier, we are offering a 20% discount on the “Spark Your Sensex” holiday gift box. This offer is valid until 24th December, so seize the opportunity to gift a box of joy and creativity this festive season.

This holiday season, make a statement with gifts that are not only beautiful but also culturally rich and thoughtfully designed. Our Indian Folk Art Adult Coloring Book and “Spark Your Sense” holiday gift box are the perfect way to celebrate creativity and share the joy of tradition with your loved ones


Click the link below to grab your copy now and let your creativity bloom!


P.S. Share your colorful creations with us using #ArtfulIndia! We can’t wait to see your unique interpretations of these mesmerizing art forms.

Happy Holidays and Happy Coloring!


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