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How To Stencil A Wall: Tips and Tricks | Wall Stenciling

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Wall Stenciling Tips
If you want to perk up your space quickly, then wall stenciling is the right option. With a few tools, you can start this project to give your space a much-needed makeover. You need not be very creative and skilled if you are planning to stencil your walls.

Here are the steps on how you can do stenciling on your own.
Supplies that you will need
Stencil of your choice
Stencil brush or foam roller
Paint of your choice
Paper towel
Paint tray
Painter's tape or spray adhesive
Steps  Before you start, make sure that you do a sample test for color combination and ensure that all your supplies are in workable condition. You can use a portion of a wall that remains hidden like under the basin, in the garage or you can even use cardboard. 1. Prepare the surface: The first step is to prepare the surface. Choose the wall that you want to stencil and wipe it clean to make it free from dust. Fill the cracks, prime it, and then give it two coats of base paint and let it dry completely at least for 24 hours. Now you are good to go. 2. Positioning stencil: Always start from the least noticeable place. Position the stencil on the wall and secure it using painter's tape or spray adhesive. If you are using painter's tape then two small pieces of tape would be enough to secure the stencil on the wall. If you are using spray adhesive then spray a small amount of it at the back of the stencil, wait for a while, and fix it on the wall. 3. Stenciling: Pour some paint on the tray or palette. Load your stencil brush or foam roller with color. Make sure that if you are using a foam roller then it has absorbed color all over it. Now remove excess paint using a paper towel. Just dab the stencil brush on a paper towel until it appears almost dry. If you are using a roller then roll it in a paper towel a few times to remove excess paint. This will ensure that while stenciling paint will not bleed. Now you can start stenciling your wall. Start with tiny circular motions from the edges of the stencil and work your way toward the center of the stencil. If you are using a roller then roll it over the stencil with gentle pressure. Pressing it hard against the stencil can cause seeping of paint behind your stencil. Make sure that you do not accidentally roll over the outside edges of the stencil. When you are done with one stencil, remove it slowly and gently and re-position it on the wall as per your choice. Repeat the step until your wall is done.
Tips: 1. Do not load the brush/roller with an excess amount of paint. 2. If the paint appears light then before removing the stencil, give one more coat of paint using a stencil brush/roller. 3. For crisp lines, use less amount of paint. 4. If you are using different color paint then use a separate brush/roller for each color. 5. You can always wipe off fresh mistakes when the paint is still wet. 6. After the stencil project is over, clean everything thoroughly from palette/tray to brush/roller. Here's the complete tutorial that you can watch on YouTube.   Hope you find these steps and tips to stencil your wall helpful. Happy Decorating!!! Disha

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