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Organic Bedding: Need of The Hour

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After all the hustle and bustle of the busy day, we all want a cozy place where we can unwind and rejuvenate and that’s our bedroom. No matter how beautifully the bedroom is decorated and how peaceful is the ambiance if the thin layer between you and the mattress is not right and comfortable you are not going to get a good night’s sleep.
Amouve organic luxury Linen

Bedsheets and pillow cases can be a big reason that you are not getting enough rest. Why you ask, well, there are many reasons. Today’s guest on my blog will answer all this and more.
This blog is brought to you by Amouve, a luxury organic bedding brand founded by Ami Sata who had worked in a non-organic bedding industry earlier and knows the drawbacks of non-organic bedding. Hence Ami took the plunge into organic bedding industry and founded Amouve that offers certified organic bed linen. Ami is with us today to enlighten us more on organic cotton and right bedding.

3D: How the idea of Amouve was conceived.
Ami: A combination of factors came together to spur the idea. 
A trip to Scandinavia introduced me to the most sumptuous bedding I had slept on. Made of organic
cotton, it was a bed made in heaven and I knew I had to know its origin. Several days of research later, I traced it back to India. Soon enough I was making calls to manufacturers and sitting upon an idea that I felt right about. While trying to find the same quality in big-box retailers in India, I was left disappointed. I realised that the emphasis on the fabric that touches your skin was minimal. Few realise that conventional cotton sheets are choc-a- block with chemicals, from pesticide-laden cotton to formaldehyde finishes. Anti-wrinkle and anti-stain sheets may be easy for ‘maintenance’, but not your health. That is why we even certified it according to the highest standard of organic textiles – GOTS.
More importantly, we wanted to be a business with a conscience and stand up for the cause of the Indian cotton farmer. Since decades, thousands of farmers have been committing suicides every year. Farmers enter into contracts with multinationals for purchasing patented GM seeds and pesticides. This leads to rising debt and suicides.
It was necessary to opt for an alternative. The beauty of organic cotton is its sustainability for the planet, biodiversity, human health as well as the farmers and textile workers. Cumulatively, the above led me to start Amouve.

Bedroom Decor
The main factor that affects our sleep is the material of the bedsheet. Synthetic fibres tend to trap heat and don’t allow moisture (sweat) to wick away from our body. Whereas natural fibres like cotton are light, breathe well and allow air to circulate which in turn cools down the body temperature. So cotton sheets are good in both warm and cold weather. A lot of brands use a blend of synthetic and cotton fibres that of course doesn’t feel as good as cotton but Amouve promises to bring you 100% organic cotton bed linens.
Amouve Bed Linen
3D:. Why organic cotton.
Ami: With increasing stress, long working hours and an erratic sleep pattern, the need to opt for healthier lifestyle choices is more pronounced now than ever. When you sleep on organic sheets, your body breathes better. It feels super-soft and luxurious. Not only this, we wanted to bring a global standard to India concerning health, safety and the quality of sleep. Organic was a way to achieve that. Our idea is to democratize organic and bust the many myths associated with bedding in general. From ply to thread count to the quality of cotton, it is necessary customers are aware of the truth. For eg, Thread Count is the number of threads woven together in a square inch and not an indication of the quality of the fabric. As opposed to conventional wisdom which says higher the thread count, better the quality, the truth is that thread counts are a misleading custom often used by manufacturers and brands to inflate and advertise.  
Amouve Bed Sheet
3D: What does the range comprise of.
Ami: Amouve’s range is a healthy mix of Scandinavian minimalism and contemporary hand block prints done with a discerning design aesthetic, inspired by travel and places. It comprises of bed sheets, quilts and comforters all in super soft GOTS certified organic cotton so the consumer knows what she is getting is genuinely free from chemicals and not just a marketing term.
While the Everyday Luxury range comprises of solids like classic White, Sand, Blush, Navy and 
Charcoal in 300 TC sateen with a pearlescent sheen, the Lyric Collection is a labour of love that takes days to make, only to ensure the best quality. From Morocco’s eclectic vibe in Moroccan Musings to the Colorado collection inspired by the red mountains of Colorado, from Angkor’s stone ruins to the urban vibe of metros (Geometro), each collection is thoughtfully crafted. Each Amouve quilt undergoes 7 different processes and takes an average of 45 hours to craft. 
Talking about cozy comforters, these come in a hypoallergenic encasing in colours, so one need not worry about spoiling them. Hail chilly nights!
Ami has sent me this beautiful organic cotton bedsheet in sand color. She assured me that being devoid of chemicals, these bed sheets are also anti-pill and get softer with each wash and how true she was. I washed mine just a few days ago and realise that now it is even softer than earlier.They’re literally a dream to sleep on and when I say this, I mean it!!
Secondly, I don’t need to worry about the aesthetics. Inspired by Scandinavian style these bed sheets go well with classic as well as contemporary style decorating. This minimalist bed sheet in sand color gives me the opportunity to play with accessories to add a pop of color and I can pull off warm, cool or even neutral look for bedroom easily and effortlessly. 
Thank you so much Ami for helping our farmers, giving us a healthy and sustainable option, promoting make in India concept, sending me this soft and comfortable bed sheet and for being with us today. I wish you loads of success ahead!!
Dear Peeps, you can find Amouve on Facebook too. Do check out and let Ami know what do you feel about Amouve.
I am working on Vintage Suitcase Planter‘s video tutorial. So stay tuned!!.

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