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Space-Saving Hacks For Your Kitchen

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Kitchen- a place that always runs out of storage. It is home to so many utensils, pots, pans, appliances and gadgets. Kitchen storage dilemmas are not that easy to tackle. Here are some space-saving hacks for your kitchen to make it a space that can accommodate everything and make your life easier.


Mount on a wall:

  • Wall-mounted open shelving can solve the problem of storing an extra amount of crockery.
  • Wall-mounted wire racks for dishes and glassware can free up space in cabinets and you can store something else there.
  • To free up countertop space mount a glass slab on a wall to keep dishwashing soap and brushes.
  • Pots and pans with handles can be hung on a wall artistically to make more storage space in cabinets.
  • If you have a huge collection of coffee/tea mugs like me then a framed box on a wall can be hung to display your beautiful collection.
  • Install a pegboard on a wall and hang all the stuff that can be hung there.
  • Some hooks on the wall can provide you space to hang aprons, napkins, and mittens.

Flip down doors:

  • All the kitchen appliances like the toaster, juicer, mixer, hand blender, and coffee maker consume lots of countertop space. Install a flip-down door on the countertop and hide all your appliances there.
  • A spice rack on the countertop is another thing that you can keep out of the site without taking much space to store it. Install a flip-down door under a crockery cabinet and store all your spice jars smartly there.

Space inside cabinets and drawers:

  • You can easily double up space inside the cabinets. Use multi-tier wire racks to keep small jars and bottles and there you have more space to store more stuff in the cabinet now.
  • Install wire racks on cabinet doors too. It will maximize space and here you can store sauces and spices.
  • Make partitions inside drawers for storing stuff smartly without consuming extra space.
  • Install pull-out cabinets in thin spaces like between the wall and the refrigerator.
  • Don’t ignore the space under the sink. A drawer or few shelves can create lots of storage space. You can store cleaning supplies here.

Kitchen island:

  • If space allows you to build a kitchen island then go for it. It will solve your storage problem to a great extent.
  • Hang the pots and pans on the rail above the kitchen island.
  • Store your cookbooks, crockery, pots, cookware, and lots of such stuff inside the kitchen island.

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