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Art To Me Is…

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Art means a lot in my life. It’s everything to me and it’s everywhere around me. As I said earlier I find solace in Art”. So whenever I’m sad or disappointed I create. Saying that doesn’t mean that I create only when I feel down but Art has such an impact on my life that it revives my inner-self, it oozes confidence in me, it kills negativity in and around me, it charges my soul,  its sort of energy booster. I find myself as a very new me. 

After a month-long sabbatical, I’m back and such a long vacation made me lethargic………So to lift up my spirit I created. I wanted to stencil one of the walls in my living room but before that, I gave it a try on this pot and it turned out so well that I’m confident now, and soon I’m going to stencil wall also.
This stencil I got this free with my acrylic color pack and have been wondering since then where I’m going to use it. Then saw this blank and dull pot and decided to give it a new look and here it is…………

Now that my creative juices started flowing again stay tuned for more exciting DIY and inspirations.

Keep Creating!!!


P.S : All images are blurry and dull because I used my VGA mobile camera and these are night shots.


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