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Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Bathroom Decor Ideas


I have been trying to give a new look to a place that is often overlooked in a home, yes I am talking about the bathroom. Though my bathroom is a neat, sparkling clean place and always smells good, I wanted to add some personal touch and then some ideas popped into my mind. While I am implementing my ideas and giving a makeover to my bathroom, I thought I would share some bathroom decor tips with my dear readers.
I think the bathroom is a space that needs equal attention as any other room in a home. It not only should look neat and clean but beautiful and functional at the same time. So here are some easy tips to make your bathroom look like a beautiful and refreshing place at home. You can check out some inspirations on Homify too, I found some amazing ideas there.


  • The very first step to making any space look beautiful and pleasing is to make it free of clutter. Clean all the shelves and cabinets. Discard all those things that are no longer in use and just take up a lot of cabinet space. Clutter-free bathroom countertops will not only make your bathroom look spacious but will provide space to keep essential cosmetics and decor accessories.
Baathroom Makeover Ideas
Source: Penintdesign / homify
  • Clean everything from shower faucets to faucets, tiled walls to floors, shower enclosure to window glass. Remove cobwebs and dust from the corners. When the space is all clean and free from dust, it starts to look beautiful even without adding any extras.
  • If you give a fresh coat of paint to any space then don’t bother about anything else. Paint itself can brighten up the space and can bring about much-needed change. A lighter shade for a small bathroom is what I will suggest as light shade will give the illusion of a big space. Though you can always experiment with colors. One wall in a darker shade and to tone it down all the other walls in lighter shades are in trend.
  • Mirrors can turn any dull space into a bright and cheerful one. Mirror in large size above the countertop will not only look aesthetically pleasing but also provide a better view. It reflects light and makes the bathroom appear bigger and brighter.
Bathroom Makeover
Source: Smartstyle Interiors / homify
  • Lighting fixtures in the right places can bring about a big difference in the overall look of the bathroom. I will suggest warm diffused light for stylish and functional bathrooms. Lighting fixtures on either side of the mirror will provide better light than using just one fixture above the mirror.
  • Now when you are done with everything, it’s time to decorate your bathroom and give it a personal touch. Put up some paintings that go well with the color of the bathroom’s paint. It can be your own creation as we are talking about personal touch. Keep vases full of fresh flowers or a small plant with a beautiful planter to bring some cheer. Don’t forget to place a potpourri or reed diffuser on the bathroom countertop or place a few drops of essential oil on the toilet paper roll. Your bathroom will smell amazing. Keep a basket full of hand towels and toiletries near the basin.


Follow the above tips to enhance the look of your bathroom and don’t forget to share lovely pictures with us. I am definitely sharing the images of my bathroom, once the makeover is done.
Coming up next is a blog about my balcony garden makeover. Stay Tuned!!


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