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Buddha Decor Ideas

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Gautam Buddha, a founder of Buddhism,
 the middle way that is away from extreme self-indulgence and extreme self-mortification. With his infinite wisdom, Buddha gave us an eightfold path to gradually attain the Nibbana, the ultimate peace or the final goal of our life. I find his teachings quite practical for householders like you and me who can’t go and live in the forest in search of peace and to attain enlightenment. I strongly believe that if we follow, his teachings can lead us to a place where there are no more desires, no more distractions and no more unsatisfactoriness. Such is the power of his aura that just by looking at his pleasant smiling face and half-closed eyes one can feel the tranquillity. So why not incorporate Buddha in home decor and find that ultimate peace in your own home.

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There are no hard and fast rules or guidelines to create Buddha vignettes or zen spots. What creates the magical effect is the Buddha statue itself. Place it anywhere and you can feel the peace and positive energy emanating from it.

It’s Not About The Number Of Buddha Statues: 
Trust me you don’t need a number of Buddha statues to create zen spots in your home (though the more the merrier). Play with your imagination and let that creative juices flow to create that perfect Buddha vignette even with a single Buddha statue. I have quite a few Buddha statues and try to make the most out of them. This turquoise Buddha bust in the below image is a gift from my younger sister. This Buddha bust itself has so a calming effect on me that nothing more is needed to create a zen spot.

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Add Some Flowers:
To enhance the beauty of the Buddha vignette I placed some fresh flowers close to Buddha. Flowers add cheerfulness and remind us that what we have today may be gone tomorrow.
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Light The Candles: 
A tealight or candle can be used to make it a heartwarming sight. A light that reminds us that the purpose of human life is to serve and to be a light to enlighten others.
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The Rudraksha rosary or mala is an addition to make the Buddha vignette more serene. Rudraksha beads have the power to absorb negativity and hence make the surroundings pure and positive.

While shooting for this article I got some really amazing views of the setting sun that made the images uncontrived and even more captivating. The image below is one such perfectly shot picture when the timing, angle, exposure and everything else were just perfect. 

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Mind The Colours:
The second Buddha I have is this terracotta Buddha head which I painted in gold to give it an erroneous perception of brass. Gold paired with copper never fails to create a super luxe and happy combination. I love the contrasting qualities of both metals. Copper gives the rustic feel and gold adds a touch of elegance. The mantra to create the pulled-together Buddha vignette is to colour coordinate at least two or three different decor accessories and use one or two decor accents in contrasting colours.
In the below image, the blue wall is setting a perfect contrasting backdrop for yellow and orange blooms placed in the copper pot which are colour-coordinated with cushion. Add some greens to complete the look.

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If you are using too many contrasting colours then try to create a balance by using a decor piece that has either few or all of those contrasting colours in it.
In the below image, the artwork in the background creates a colour cohesive look as it has the green of the stained glass vase, the teal of the bird cage and the fuchsia of the flowers. Balancing act you see!!

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Let The Creative Juices Flow:
I am prone to get bored of the same look and feel of the decor accessories around my home. The solution to this problem is, I change the look of that object by painting it in a different colour. And that’s what I did with my terracotta Buddha. I painted it white.
Sometimes the absence of all the colours (well I am talking about pigments and not the light) makes the purest form of colour, white!! And white creates the most peaceful Buddha vignette. Try to create an all-white Buddha vignette and it will leave you spellbound.
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Intoxicating Aroma Is Essential Too:
The pleasant aroma evokes the senses and affects the brain. Surround yourself with some delightful fragrances in any form like aroma candles, reed diffusers, incense sticks or fragrant flowers to be more energetic, relaxed, calm and happy throughout the day and incorporating it in a Buddha vignette is even more blissful.
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The addition of fragrant flowers has a relaxing effect on the mind and body. It is a natural way to evoke a state of well-being.
And here is one more Buddha that I have, a brass Buddha head that I often use to create flatlays.

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Create Flatlays:
Flatlay is a term that has been doing the rounds on Instagram for a while now. It is actually a picture taken from a bird’s eye view to remove a sense of depth. Choose a beautiful background for the flatlay like a beautiful textile a painting a patterned paper or even a tile and place the objects that look eye-pleasing from the top along with Buddha head.

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Here is one more flat lay, a simple one with minimum objects. Natural light is making all the difference here.
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Change The Look And Change The Spot:
Sometimes moving some stuff around can totally shift the energy in your house. If the Buddha figure was in the living room earlier then try to change the spot and move it to the foyer or garden or any other place to completely change the look and feel.
The resin Buddha in the below image is again a gift from my younger sister. For the first few months, I kept it in my living room and when I wanted to see some change, I shifted this Buddha to beautify my garden.

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When changing the spot doesn’t work anymore, it’s time to change the look of the Buddha Statue. The Buddha statue below is the same resin Buddha you have seen in the above picture. I transformed it and gave it a completely new look. Now it has taken centre stage in my living room again.
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With some tealights and my handpainted pot, this Buddha is enhancing the beauty of my living room infinitely.

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It was wonderful putting together this blog for you all. I hope you liked the simple tips and Buddha vignettes that I love to create around my home quite often. Let me know your views, I am all ears
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