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Choose Your Bedroom Furniture Right With Camabeds

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Hola, dear peeps!!
Let’s our bedrooms give a makeover this month.
This month I’ll be talking all about beds and beddings. I have a lot of information to share with Y’all about different types of beds, mattresses and bed linens this month. Did you ever wonder if a bed can be used as a pouffe or can be converted into a recliner or a lounger or a chair and then again into a bed? Yes, such beds actually exist and can save a lot of floor space without compromising on style and comfort. I have two guests all the way from Spain who are going to talk about their newly launched online furniture store called Camabeds and let us know about latest bedroom furniture trends. 
Sofa, chair, lounger and bed (All in one)
Before we begin let me introduce this furniture brand to you. Camabeds, a part of Natasian Corporation Pvt Ltd was founded in 2014 by two young and enthusiastic businessmen from Spain Fernando Villuendas and Antonio FernandezBoth of them are engaged in various ventures like solar energy, trade and even laundry and dry cleaning. India’s economic growth and rising demand for high-end products are attracting lots of business owners across the globe and motivated by the same fact this duo started their business in India too. After some market research, they got to know about the need of space saving, stylish, comfortable yet affordable furniture here in India and that’s when along with Kamil Pawlowicz, who is brand’s CEO, they created Camabeds to make it easy for everyone to buy great value products everywhere in India.

Furniture Store

As the word ‘furniture’ comes out of your mouth you can easily visualise a bulky piece laying in the room and consuming most of the space. Space crunch is a big issue if you are living in a metro city and space saving furniture becomes the necessity for your teensy apartment. A brand like Camabeds is aiming to create a furniture that doesn’t take up much of the floor space and you can make most of your space. The brand offers a well-designed furniture at low cost and convertible design of the furniture makes it a great space saver which is in demand and trend as well. With all the above qualities if you get a furniture that is affordable, stylish and of the best quality then know that you have got the right furniture. Now I’ll show you some latest bedroom furniture design trends and how to pick the right one. 

Roll away Beds
Rollaway Bed

If you are looking to buy single or double beds then sleek, stylish and minimal bed designs are in trend these days and these beds can easily give a quick Scandinavian makeover to any bedroom. If space constraint is your concern then wall beds, folding beds and rollaway beds are a perfect option. Simplicity is an innate part of contemporary interiors and these wall beds, folding beds and rollaway beds are meant to lend that simplicity. Imagine having an open bookshelf on the wall, a long desk below it and a bed that can roll away under the table easily because it is equipped with 360 degrees wheels, all your space problem is sorted!!

Pouffe Cum Bed

Do you need a more stylish bed that is comfortable as well as a space saver, see here is one that you can convert into recliner during the day and bed in the night. Camabeds has some beds that you can use as pouffe when you are watching TV and just want to stretch and rest your legs on something and then convert it easily into a bed when you are a sleepyhead.

Sofa Cum Bed

Kids have their own choices these days and they just don’t like to compromise. Why should they!! So here are some stylish bunk beds to make your kids’ sleep sanctuary fun and stylish without compromising comfort. To see the complete range of Camabeds stylish & affordable furniture check out the links below:
Website: Camabeds
Facebook Page: Camabeds

So that’s all from my side today. Soon I’ll be coming up with some bedroom soft furnishing ideas.
Stick around and till then find me here:

P.S. All the images are the property of Camabeds and subject to copyright. Please don’t use them without their permission. Thanks!


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