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Color Of The Year And Trends

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Colours are an integral part of interior decorating. Being a decor enthusiast I always keep an eye out for the latest trends and colours to decorate my home. I am too excited to break the news that Asian Paints has announced “Madder Red” as the colour of the year. It is my absolute favourite and I like the colour ‘Madder red’ for many reasons. Red represents love, passion, power, strength, warmth, energy, courage and excitement. The richness and brightness of Madder Red has piqued my interest and I want to welcome this colour in my home with all my heart.
Here is how I am planning to use Madder Red in my home:
  • Painters use red like spice. I am planning to paint a wall in my living room in madder red as it exudes warmth and evokes emotions. ‘Madder red’ is a quintessential colour to make the place vibrant and lively. An otherwise dull and stark room can come to life with such an exciting and stimulating colour.
  • Don’t worry if you’re colour-shy and don’t have the heart to try such bold colours on walls. Give ‘Madder red’ space in your home in a different way. How about painting furniture in Madder red to turn it into a statement piece and experience the magic of red.
  • Furnishing is another option to get the right dose of madder red that can easily be shuffled if the place looks overdone. Cushions, curtains or rugs can be a good option.
  • To add a pop of red few decor accessories or knick-knacks can do wonders. Wooden frames, planters, vases or decorative trays painted in madder red can surely turn the space from drab to fab.
Now let’s talk about colour trends. Asian Paints has announced colour trends and the good thing is that there is something for everyone. Let’s have a look at what’s trending this year in home decor:
When you find a vintage piece in a flea market and can’t resist buying it and giving it a place in your home, rekindling is a trend for you. In my blogging career so far, I have come across so many fellow bloggers, designers, decorators and stylists who still admire the beauty of pieces that belong to the bygone era and incorporate those exquisite pieces in their decor astoundingly.  According to them, these pieces are classic, timeless and embrace the old world charm. One of my friends got a gramophone as a gift and they proudly show off their prized possession in the living room.
Play with colours like blue, pink, black and green primarily on walls and offset it with a concrete or suede finish on flooring. Silver or beaten brass/copper dinner sets, beautifully carved teak wood furniture, a wall full of old paintings of gods & goddesses, vintage posters gallery wall, and an old trunk as a coffee table are the trends to try.
Birds of feather flock together. I have varied interests like blogging, photography, arts, and crafts, gardening and home decorating. Every time I share my passion and interests on the internet lots of like-minded people instantly connect with me. This got me thinking that I am not alone, I share my passion with lots of other people across the world. The flock trend signifies the same.
An amalgamation of colours and objects that work well together in a group and spell drama is what this trend is all about. Painting walls in softer hues of colours that flock together like sky blue and purple, mustard and mango yellow or ochre and rust and complementing it by hanging artworks in gradient colours on a wall or painting a chest of drawers, in the same way, is a perfect way to achieve the look of ‘Flock’ trend. To accessorise the home, club together stained glass bottles on a side table with a marble top. Introduce mosaic or watercolour effect patterns using wallpaper or watercolour paintings on the walls.
Age Of Creators:
One who creates knows no boundaries. There are no specific rules for creative people. They just love to experiment and this trend is definitely for you if you love to break the stereotypes. Being surrounded by creative people I found myself fit for this category. I love to experiment and bring out unexpected results. For me, walls are the blank canvas and if decorated effectively can tell a story and reflect the personality. Wall in bold colours like lime green, icy blue or even black looks magical. I love the idea of dressing up the walls in the most unexpected ways, for instance, get a piece of your old Benarasi saree or textile from Bhuj or Kutch framed and hang it on the wall, club together wooden coasters in vibrant hues and make wall art or add the personal touch by typography wall art.
Bold, experimental, unsettled and curated style is synonymous with creators. Go wild with your imagination and creativity, and use bold colours and patterns like a pink couch against a blue wall. Incorporate black and white stripes on walls, furnishings or flooring. Accessorise with aluminium or plastic finish objects. I reuse old plastic toys like cars and animal figures as planters or decor objects. I paint them in vibrant hues like red or turquoise and love to see the unexpected outcome. Paint a rug in black & white chevron stripes and complement it with matching cushions and lamp shades to create a whimsical look.
The Explorers:
One who loves to explore the world can create a home full of surprises. One of my friends is quite an explorer. She has a keen eye for unusual and surprising objects. Her souvenirs find a way into home decor instantly and add a touch of whimsy effortlessly. She mixes and matches objects masterfully and that’s what I call collected and curated look for a home. Masks collected from her trips to different countries create a beautiful and eye-pleasing display on the wall.
Explorers create an eclectic mix of their finds and souvenirs. Neutral tone like grey on walls and unexpected pop of bold colours like mauve and blue is what explorers love. Their homes are always evolving spaces. They love contemporary looks and choose the furniture and accessories that are in vogue, for instance, birch wood furniture and aluminium or steel finish coffee table or lamp. The collection of framed pictures that brings back the memories of the expedition to various places can find a place on a chest of drawers or a side table. All the souvenirs can be displayed proudly that tell a tale of all your travels.
I hope you have found the trend that suits you well.
Happy decorating folks!!!

Blogger’s Bio: Disha is a freelance writer, artist, blogger, and entrepreneur writing at Design Decor & Disha. She is passionate about design, decor, art & craft. Disha is an avid reader and loves photography, gardening, travelling, and lots of recycling.

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