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Creative Fan Of 3D: Drishya Rameshan

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My day is made when I get emails from my readers who encourage me that they just love going through my blog and love whatever I share here. I swell with pride when they find my blog inspiring.
One such mail I got from my reader who wanted to share her creative work with us. I saw her work and found it truly inspiring and very creative. Let me introduce you to Drishya Rameshan. She is pursuing MCA and hails from Kerala. Drishya has taken creativity to the next level. She makes amazing flower arrangements with dried flowers and leaves, She even makes flowers out of dried leaves. Interesting isn’t it?
Below are some images of her work. Have a look as she explains how she did it.
Floral Arrangement
Dried Flower Arrangement
This is the arrangement that I have done with dry areca nut leaves. Just soak the leaves in water for some time, and cut them into the desired shape here I gave the shape of a lily, tied them on copper wire, and finally colored them, I used italic fabric paint to color the flowers. Arrange all the leaves and flowers in some attractive vase or pot and the arrangement will look mesmerizing.
Floral Arrangements
Dried Flower Arrangement

These flowers are made with dry areca nut leaves. All that you need to make this arrangement is some dried areca nut leaves, dried flowers, and twigs that you can find easily around you, just give them a coat of beautiful color and they will look lively.

Floral Arrangement
Dried Flower Arrangement
Here is a small arrangement I made with dry flowers. These roses are made with dry plantain leaves. Just soak the dried plantain leaves in water for some time cut the leaves into small square shapes and tie them on a copper wire one after the other (as we make simple roses with paper). Finally after making all the roses paint them in beautiful colors. The leaves that you see in the arrangement are dried palm leaves I cut them into nice shapes and painted them with silver color. Finally, your arrangement is ready It is a low-cost arrangement…all you need is dry plantain leaves.
That was very creative Drishya. Thanks for joining us and sharing your creative and inspiring work with us. I wish you a great success ahead. 
If you also have a story to tell or want to inspire us just write to me at and I would be happy to feature you here on my blog!!
Happy Crafting!!!

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