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Creative Fan Of 3D: Reena Bino

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Yesterday I received an e-mail from a very creative reader of 3D
She wrote, “I want to make people aware of Handmade products and the time and effort it takes to create any handmade item” and she struck a chord. She wears many caps, let me introduce you to an expert knitter Reena Bino. More about her in her own words. Over to Reena now:
I am a working woman, wife, and mother to an 8-year-old mischievous son.  I have done my B.Sc (Graduation in Science), a Post Graduate Diploma in Computers, and then a few certificates to enhance my computer knowledge. Currently, I am working for a Pharma Company in Goa.

My hobbies are reading, writing short stories and articles on whatever inspires me, Metal Embossing on Aluminum Foil, Artificial paper and Stocking flowers, and Glass painting in my free time, I love photography and have won some prizes for my photography, I love to learn new art every time, and currently the latest on my learning list is paper quilling, but my passion and something very dear to my heart is KNITTING. It’s enjoyable, fun, and relieves all my day’s stress. Whenever I am sitting I am knitting, Whenever I am traveling in the Car I am Knitting. I knit and Knit. 

Now how beautiful those booties are. Such neat work!!


I learnt this art from my Mom at the age of 8 and after that it has been a continuous journey , trying to self learn more difficult patterns and more difficult knitting stitches. I knit with a set of five or eight double pointed needles (Aluminum, Bamboo, Wood or plastic needles). My knitting is basically for Home Decor, they can be used as table mats, center pieces and something unique for the unique wooden and glass furniture. I also knit with two and three needles i.e. baby booties, bay hats, baby blankets, scarves, bookmarks, mobile cases.. etc.

Now Check out her fabulous work:
Look at those fabulously done table mats. 

Crochet Table Cover
Lovely patterns, It reminded me of my Mom’s work. She used to crochet many things but, now she has developed hypermetropia and can’t do such fine work.
Crochet Table Cover
Hobby that Reena enjoys a lot……….
You will be amazed to see how she knits. Look at this………….Isn’t that wonderful!!
Some beautiful clicks……….
Reena is a working woman and wants to follow her heart by taking her passion for knitting seriously and making it a full-time job. You can see more of her work on her Facebook page knitnpurlocean. Spread some love by liking her page and staying updated about whatever magic she creates!!Stay Tuned for some tech talks first time on my blog!!


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