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Design Inspiration For Monsoon With Dell Venue

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You must have seen my earlier post on how Venue is helping me in blogging. Today I am
sharing some design inspiration for Monsoon using Dell Venue.
Monsoon has already arrived and I know I am posting this very late but then too I can’t help sharing this with you all. I wanted to do something in my living room that goes well with this lovely season. I have one wall that is bare, dull, and ugly or I can say it’s like my blank canvas where I can play with my imagination and do you know Dell’s Venue has been a great help. I can visualize my ideas and imagination so well with the help of the Venue tab. It has made my blogging and designing much easier.
I had some ideas in my mind to jazz up that wall, so I just clicked the image of the wall and then used Venue and searched for some art prints/paintings suitable for the monsoon. Then I tried different pictures and their orientations on the wall and that I did on the Venue tab only. It gave me a fair idea that which orientation would look good. Here are some orientations that I tried. Below is the image of a bare wall.
Monsoon Decor ideas
Now these are some orientations that I tried. Easy for me to choose one from these.
Monsoon decor Ideas

Next, I planned to change the look of my sofa. I wanted something that perks up my room instantly and adds the cheer. Then adding cushions according to the season is the easiest way to change the overall look. Here is what I did that too with the help of Venue. Here is my sofa that is in desperate need of some change…

And here is how I wanted it to look like………

The next thing was to give the coffee table a look that is according to the monsoon. I wanted to add either shells or pebbles. Now trying both the arrangements actually with one super active kid in tow was a time-consuming process. Venue came to the rescue at this point too. I clicked images and tried to visualize my ideas. Here is what I did… some images from the internet and some image editing…..viola!! Venue tab gave me a fair idea about the best possible look of my coffee table for the monsoon.

Now that I know what will look good in my living room let me gear up to make these changes as soon as possible for the monsoon (before it ends…. fingers crossed).

Did you make some changes in your decor for the monsoon? Please let me know!!

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