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Dining Room Makeover With Wall Art 3D Wall Panels

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I had been planning to give a makeover to my dining area for a long time.
Though I love how airy and bright this space is I really don’t like how it lacks interest. A few days ago I even asked for suggestions on my Instagram and got really wonderful replies and I thank each one of you for giving some interesting ideas. But this time I wanted something contemporary because I love to blend different decorating styles especially traditional Indian style with a modern twist.
3D Wall Panels
That’s when I got an e-mail from the Netherlands-based brand called Wall Art and I was super excited to know that the brand offers a collection of 3D wall panels made of natural fibers. The panels are available in more than 24 designs that vary from industrial to romantic and modern. That’s what I was looking for. Something that can add extra dimensions to the wall in my dining area and give a contemporary feel to the space. Watch the video below to learn how I transformed my dull and boring dining room into a spectacular and visually appealing space.
These panels are so versatile and other than installing them on an entire wall you can do so much with these panels. Paint them in the desired color or just use them as accent pieces on the wall. These can also be used as wall art, paint the panels in two or more colors, and put them up on the wall as art pieces. Install them on the wall and fix LED wall sconces or tealights in the center of each panel to create a stunning ambiance.
Wall Art 3D panels are 100% natural (made of sugarcane fibers), eco-friendly, lightweight, and super easy to install. You can install them yourself like I did. You’ll be glad to know that these panels are scratch-resistant and give a lustrous finish to any wall. You can check out some before and after images of my dining room below.
Wall Art Wall Decor
Dining Room Before
Wall Art
Dining Room After
These 3D panels work like a wonder and give a rich background to the centerpieces I keep on my dining table. Panels are so dramatic that I don’t need any artwork, wall shelf, or any other accessories to accentuate the wall.
Wall Decor With 3D Wall Panels
All those who recently sent me messages asking about unique wall decor ideas here is an idea for you if you too love to blend contemporary and traditional style of decorating. You can explore all the designs on Wall Art website.
A big shout out to startup owners and entrepreneurs, Wall Art is looking for partnership in India so if you are interested, please contact me and I’ll be happy to share the details.
Hope you are enjoying newly added ‘Crafts In A Jiffy‘ series on my YouTube channel. I am coming up with Diwali DIY & Decor videos really soon. Stay tuned!!
Till then connect with me here.

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