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Diwali & Christmas Centerpiece Ideas

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Diwali is incomplete without diyas and Christmas without a Christmas tree. Similarly, a tablescape is incomplete without a beautiful centrepiece. In this post, I have shown how to create lovely centrepieces using Glasses and Jars. I have shared three different festive centrepiece ideas.
1. Glass jar centrepiece:
Take any glass jar, half fill it with water and then place it either on a round tray/cake board or a plate. Fill the jar with a bunch of your favourite flowers, I chose baby’s breath this time (though they are not my favourite they create a dreamy ambience). Now wrap the battery-operated string light around the jar and keep the battery unit on the cake board/tray/plate whatever you are using. It’s now time to hide the batteries. Place flowers of your choice on the cake board around the jar so that they cover the base entirely. Now place the entire setup wherever you want. I placed it on my coffee table and this glass jar centrepiece added a touch of glam during the festivities.
Glass jar centrepiece idea


Below is the complete video to understand how I created these festive centrepieces using glassware, flowers and candles.
2. Glass tealight centrepiece:
For this centrepiece, you will need small glasses, a bunch of tiny flowers like lavender, aster, baby’s breath or Limonium flowers, twine and tealights. It’s a simple centrepiece idea. First, you need to cut the flower stalks to match the height of the glass. Now tie the twine loosely around the glass and start inserting the flower stalks one next to the other until the entire glass is covered. Tighten the twine and make a nice bow. Now fill the glass with water and float a tealight in it. This glass and flower tealight centrepiece looks mesmerising. I created it with two different types of flowers.
Glass & flower tealight centrepiece

3. Flower & candle centrepiece:
This centrepiece looks the most magical out of all these three centrepieces. I used the cake board and placed a floral foam on it leaving about 4 inches margin. Make sure the floral foam is moist. Now take flowers that have sturdy stalks like roses, gerbera and mums. Cut the flower so that it has 2-3 inches of stalk and now insert it in the flower foam as shown in the video. Cover the base (cake board) entirely. Now, on the floral foam place a squat glass and press it gently so that it is slightly embedded in the foam. now place a candle inside the glass. See if the foam is still visible then you can add more flowers to hide it. I added some baby’s breath to do so. Now light the candle and be ready to be praised by your guests 🙂
Flower & candle centrepiece idea


This festive season, try to include glassware in your decor. I’m sure you will love how it turns out. 🙂 Let me know which centrepiece idea you liked the most.
Happy Decorating!!!

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