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Diwali Craft & Home Decor Inspiration- II

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Diwali is just around the corner and you all decor enthusiast must be thinking of some nice table arrangements for this festive season.  Sometimes we get bored of using the same things again and again for all occasions. So this time I came up with the idea of using some mundane household objects for a pleasing and not-so-expensive tablescape.
The first thing you need is a nice table runner. Forget about those table runners you already have used a number of times. Try to use a dupatta or rich textile as a table runner, the idea is to add bling and luxury to your decor. Now that you are done with the table runner part comes the next step of arranging things that are going to be part of your tablescape.
Put your mundane household objects to good use. Hunt for things that can serve as a candle or diya holder like I used frame of my broken tea cups as diya holder.

Then I put small clay pots that I have painted some time back on top of the cup frames and on table runner.

I plucked a palm leaf and then cut the fronds(Smaller leaf structures that grow on stem) in same size and then arranged them in clay pot as shown in picture. Now put tealight or diya on it and see the magical effect.

Now leaving you with some pictures. Take a look and let me know what do you think.

If you have an awesome Diwali decor idea to share with us then go on and send me your images at
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Have a lovely weekend and stay creative!!!
P.S: All images are mine please don’t copy or reuse them without my permission.

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