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Diwali Craft Idea: Lotus Tealights DIY

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Hello November!
 Festivities have already made their presence felt and here I am with promised post on Diwali DIY idea. Dress your home pretty this Diwali, make these easy lotus tealights and add glam quotient to your Diwali decor. This is the easiest Diwali craft idea to try your hands on even when you are running short of time, yes! it’s that easy and one lotus tealight can be made in just 15 Min.
Diwali Craft Ideas
All you need is just four simple supplies to make these gorgeous tealights.
  1. Acrylic Rhinestones in different colours (teardrop and round shape)
  2. Cardboard
  3. Tealights
  4. Glue
Diwali DIY
First cut cardboard circles (as many circles as you want to make lotus tealights). The size of the circle should be 3 inches larger than tealight. Now apply some glue at the base of tealight and stick it in the centre of the cardboard circle.
Diwali DIY Idea
Once it is dried start sticking round acrylic rhinestones in the lightest shade like white or pale white around the base of the tealight.
Diwali DIY
Now stick teardrop rhinestones in the darkest shade. Start from the edge of the circle.
Diwali DIY
Let it dry for a while. At this stage, tealight will look like this (below image).
Diwali DIY
Stick teardrop rhinestones in a lighter shade than the above one in a way that the base of rhinestone is on the cardboard and tip rests on the outer, darkest rhinestone. Stick where space is left (i.e space between inner round rhinestone and outer teardrop rhinestone).
Diwali DIY
Once all the rhinestones are stuck on the cardboard, your lotus tealight is ready.
Diwali DIY
You can stick a string of tiny golden beads around tealight to give it a touch of elegance.
Diwali craft Ideas
You can make as many lotus tealights as you want in different hues. Mine are in shades of blue, mauve and orange.
Diwali DIY
Here is how these lotus tealights have created a warm ambience and added  bling to my Diwali decor.
Diwali DIY

I love how the warm light emitted by tealights is gleaming on the rhinestones and making them look even prettier.

Diwali DIY

I am quite happy with the outcome. Hope you liked this DIY. Check out my previous post on Diwali decor ideas here.

Diwali DIY
Hope you are enjoying all the preparation to welcome the biggest festival, Diwali. Stay tuned as this time I am planning to share a fabulous recipe too for an upcoming festive season.

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