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Diwali Decor Ideas: Part-I

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Dear friends and readers here ends your wait for Diwali Decor Ideas. Sorry for the delay in publishing this post and let me thank you all who kept asking about this post and waited patiently. Now let me tell you this is a picture heavy post and I have collected images from various sources and have given due credit to the source. Because there were lots of images so I decided to do this post in few parts, this one is part I. Lets start with the stuff that you can do before Diwali. Once you are ready with all these beautiful stuff, it will be easy for you to decorate your home in your own style.
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Lamps/Lanterns/Diyas: Learn how to make a different kind of lamps, lanterns and diyas. Choose the one that suits your style and start making it, you still have a lot of time. I bet you will get a lot of praise from your guests. Take out all the empty glass jars and bottle and transform them into Moroccan delight. For procedure click here. You can put fairy lights inside wine/beer bottles and hang these bottles using twine/rope in your balcony or garden and add festive sparkle to your place.
Diwali Lanterns
Image1:FabFurnish, Image2 Frommoontomoon, Image 3,4: Etsy
Now, what if you don’t have empty glass jars and bottles, no worries I have something for everyone. You can make paper lanterns. Here you go:
Click on the picture for a better view and for complete tutorial click here.
Diwali Paper Lamp
Make some beautiful paper lamps to keep on side table/coffee table. For complete tutorial click here.
Diwali Paper Lamp
Use some simple plain brown/white paper bags, stick doilies or lace inside it and keep LED light inside it. Your paper lamp is ready in just a few steps. 
Diwali Paper Lamps
Image: Pinterest
If you want to make something extraordinary then this craft idea is for you. Check out complete tutorial on A Piece Of Rainbow.
Diwali Paper Lamps
Image Source: Click Here

And you will love this,  make this glowing beauty to add charm to your decor. Put tealight or candle inside glass votive and wrap decorated acetate paper around it. You can decorate the paper using sharpie pen or permanent markers.

Diwali Paper Lamps
Image: Pinterest
Now the one that you can hang anywhere in your home. Make this simple and lovely lantern with your kids to keep them busy, while you can do other preparations. Complete tutorial on Design Sponge.
Diwali Paper Lantern
Something very different and beautiful is what I will call this Lotus lantern. Check out complete tutorial on Wake Up And Dance.
Diwali Lotus Lantern
Without Diya (earthen lamp) Diwali is incomplete. Get your diyas ready, Soak them in water for 2-3 hrs, prim them if you wish, beautify them using acrylic/pearl/shimmer colors, 3D outliners, glitters, mirrors and acrylic stones. 
Diwali Diya Decoration Ideas
Glam up your tea lights in an easy-peasy way. Check out my earlier post click here for more inspiration. 
Diwali tea lights Decoration

Give your candles a makeover. Make some heena design on them and then give a coat of mod podge.

Diwali Candle Decoration
Image: Click Here
You can check out some more inspirations here. Wrapping up this post now. See you all soon with part II of this post. Stay tuned!!

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