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Diwali Decor Ideas- Part II

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Thank you so much dear readers for your overwhelming response to Diwali Decor Ideas-  Part I
With your encouragement and support here I am bringing to you some more video tutorials on how to make Paper Flowers for Diwali in an easy-peasy way. You must have seen my Diwali Wall Hanging video tutorial, if not then click here.
Sorry for the delay in publishing this post. I tried several times to upload a video on YouTube using my laptop and every time something wrong happened and it failed to upload, then I picked up my Venue tab, and believe me it was quick and easy to do it using Venue. Now let’s start………….
See this picture collage I made using my venue tab.
Diwali Craft Ideas
Diwali Decor Ideas
In this post we’ll learn to make some easy flowers that can enhance the beauty of your space and definitely your Diwali will be a special and memorable one.

Tissue Paper Marigold Flower:  

Tissue Paper Marigold Flower
Tissue Paper Marigold
This is the easiest paper flower that anyone can make, even small kids too. My Mum taught me this flower when I was around 8 yr old. I Enjoyed making it so much that I made a bouquet of it and I still enjoy making it. Below is the Tissue Paper Marigold Flower video tutorial. Sorry, I used white tissue paper and not yellow as I was running short of time and used whatever I had with me. Please use yellow tissue paper to make a perfect marigold flower.
Tissue Paper China Rose Flower:
Tissue Paper Flower
Tissue Paper Flower
One more quickest and easiest way to add charm to your space this Diwali is decorate your home with these tissue paper China Rose Flowers. Making them is not a hassle at all. Just two steps and you are done. One tip from my side- use different colour of tissue papers and make lots of colorful flowers. You can use two shades of same colour for making a flower and put them around rangoli or around any decor piece.
Diwali Hanging:
Diwali Flower Crafts
Diwali Flower Hanging

This can be little tricky but not difficult at all. It looks beautiful if you make it large. You can use craft paper/ chart paper/ handmade paper to make this flower. First make petals and then stick them. Stick 3 petals or 4 petals or may be you can stick different colour petals in a single flower.

All thanks to Venue tab that I could publish this post in time, before leaving for Diwali celebration at my in-laws place. Yes dear readers now I’ll be on short vacation and wouldn’t be able to reply your mails and queries. Please be patient and after coming back I’ll answer each one of you.Now lets have a look of some gorgeous pictures that one of my dear reader Vipula Bhagtani has sent me. She has done up her space very beautifully!! She has a lovely Facebook page too “Kundan Rangolis & Diya“. Like her page to stay updated about her amazing work.
Diwali Decor Inspiration
Diwali Decor Inspiration
Diwali Decor Inspiration

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I wish you all wonderful readers a very happy, prosperous and safe Diwali!!!

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