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DIY: How To Paint Plastic Container

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I have recycled so many plastic food containers and turned them into beautiful and useful planters and brush/pen holders. All my readers liked them so much that they wanted me to share the tutorial on how to paint a plastic food container. So sharing it today!!
Plastic container (That you want to recycle)
Acrylic Colors
Paint Brush
1). The very first step is to wash and clean the container. It should be free from dust, oil, or grease.
Plastic food container recycling.
I cut the edge of the container in a wave pattern. Have a look.
Plastic food container recycling.
2). Next apply either water-based primer or white acrylic color on the container. Do not worry if the paint doesn’t spread evenly on the container’s surface as you will going to give a second coat of primer. Use a sponge instead of a paintbrush to avoid visible ugly brush strokes.
Let it dry for at least 30-40 minutes. Give another coat of primer and then again let it dry for 30 mins.
Plastic food container recycling.

3). Now paint the container in your choice of color. Remember do not mix excess water or else the color won’t spread properly.

Plastic food container recycling.

Let the paint dry completely. Giving a second coat of color is always a good idea. As it gives a good finish.

Plastic food container recycling.
4). Now it’s time to make patterns or motifs of your choice. You can use acrylic/pearl/shimmer or enamel paint. I used pearl colors and this time it’s my take on ‘Gond Art‘. I truly loved painting it. It’s simple and beautiful…just lines and dots and it is done.
Plastic food container recycling.

Painting these two fishes took one hour. Painstaking isn’t it…….!! I was so meticulously filling the lines and dots in the fishes that I even held my breath so my hand wouldn’t move or shake (and I usually do that :)))

Plastic food container recycling.

5). Now that you are done with the art on the pot let it dry for 2-3 hrs and then apply a protective coat of varnish.
It will give shine to the pot and protect it as well. Here is my complete pot with Gond Art on it. How do you find it?

Plastic food container recycling.

It’s adorning my dining table and looks fabulous there.

Plastic food container recycling.

A closer look. Lots of fishes there :)))

Plastic food container recycling.

Stay tuned for more fun and interesting posts.

Happy Recycling!!!


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