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DIY: How To Stain Glass Jars & Bottles

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I have something to tell you,
after working hard day in and day out all through the week
 I feel exhausted. So weekends are to revive and rejuvenate my body, mind and soul.
 I never sit idle and always keep myself engaged in doing some constructive work.
Hence I like to do DIYs on weekends and I highly recommend you all to give this thing a try at least once. It’s like therapy it’s not only healing but an invigorating experience too. Give yourself some time every weekend, do whatever makes you happy, enjoy that moment and then you will feel light and full of energy, ready to face the new week with lots of positivity.
DIY how to dye glass jars and bottles
The weekend is here and if you are interested in trying some DIY this weekend then I have one for you. Watch the video tutorial below on how to stain/ dye/ tint glass jars and bottles.
Stained glass jars and bottles are quite a versatile decor pieces. You can incorporate them into your home decor in many ways. Maybe I’ll share all those ideas soon but for now here is how these pretty bottles and jars sitting pretty on my coffee table.
How to color glass jars and bottles
DIY how to tint glass jars and bottles
Hope you all liked the video. I’ll be coming up with more such videos so stay tuned!!
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