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DIY Owl Planter

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Sometimes most of the time I get innovative ideas in my dream about my art and craft work.
Few days ago I saw tiny clay pots kept on my kitchen window sill and the same night I saw owls made of those tiny clay pots in my dream. Next day without giving it a second thought and without any planning I just started making owl planters and viola!!! the result was awesome. See here they are:
Owl Planter tutorial
 I even named them Peter and Paul. All my readers and Facebook page fans wanted me to share the procedure of making Peter and Paul. So here is the Video Tutorial
  • Supplies:

Hobby ideas Shilpkar/M-seal
Carving knife/ craft knife

       Talcum powder
       Plastic sheet
       Clay pots (any size)
       Acrylic paint
       Paint brush
  • Procedure:

1. First wash the clay pots thoroughly and let it dry. Now You can apply a coat of varnish inside the pot to seal it.

2. Now prime the outside of the pot with white acrylic paint and let it dry. In below image you can see Hobby Ideas Shilpkar. It contains two packets, one is resin and the other is hardener. Take equal amount of both resin and hardener and mix them well.
Owl Planter Tutorial
3. Keep the plastic sheet on working area and dust it with talcum powder to avoid Shilpkar clay sticking to sheet. Now take a small amount of clay, put it on sheet and roll it out as shown in below image. For rolling you can use pen or pencil.
Owl Planter Tutorial
4. As I didn’t have a carving knife I used a craft knife to give shape and cut the clay. Though the carving doesn’t look neat when you use a craft knife. You can use something else like a toothpick, empty ball pen or anything else that can solve the purpose better.
Owl Planter Tutorial
5. Made two carved parts (left and right) and joined them. Then I took a small amount of clay, made beak of the owl and pasted it on carved clay. Now gently pick up the clay and paste it on the pot.
Owl Planter Tutorial
6.  I made two different kinds of owls. It was hard to make features of Peter so I went easy on making Paul and gave it a simple look. When it is dried prime it too.
Owl Planter Tutorial
7. Now the last thing is to paint it in your desired colour and let it dry. You can give a protective coat of varnish if you wish.  It’s done!!! See how I am using my Peter and Paul……….
Owl Planter Tutorial
Owl Planter Tutorial
You can see the before and after of my tiny clay pots in the image below.
Owl Planter Tutorial
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Stay tuned!!In my next blog, I will be posting about my workspace makeover.
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