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DIY Video Tutorial – Vintage Suitcase Made Out Of Cardboard Box

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The first day of July and I am starting the month with the most requested DIY of the previous month!! Yes, the vintage suitcase planter that you all had seen in the previous post about “Growing Indoor Succulent Container Garden” had requested me to share the DIY video tutorial. Watch the video below and don’t forget to read the description if you are watching it on YouTube!!

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Now all those who are planning to make this vintage suitcase, please pay heed to the important advice that use a plastic box instead of a cardboard box if you are planning to use it as a planter or a pot to grow plants and you can use M-seal or polymer clay instead of cardboard stripes to make belts and straps.

Cardboard Box Craft Ideas

This vintage suitcase can be used in various ways such as a desk organiser, jewellery box, keepsake box, to organise books/magazine, display flowers (fill small bottles/jars with water and place some fresh flowers and keep them closely packed inside the vintage suitcase) or as a coffee table decor.

I have grown a succulent garden in it and taking extra care of it so that it doesn’t become soggy and believe me it’s quite hard but not impossible 🙂

Cardboard Box craft Ideas
Since July is the month of celebrations for me so I may not be as active on my blog and social media platforms this month as I used to be. But I promise I’ll be back with regular updates and lot more in the month of August. So keep checking space!!
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