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Engrave And Cherish Your Memories

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We don’t remember days, we remember moments, we make memories. Memories are timeless treasures of the heart.
“Memory is a way of holding onto
the things you Love,
the things you are,
the things you never want to lose.”
                                               Kevin Arnold
We make memories with our loved ones but how do you immortalize them, how do you cherish them? Want to know how I immortalize them? I engrave and cherish it!! Let me introduce you to an amazing online store that helps you cherish memories that last forever, it’s
Engrave gives you the option to personalize and engrave your photos in various ways. Choose your picture, add a message/quote in your choice of fonts, add beautiful corners to enhance the look of engraved plaque (you can even choose different kind of plaques too, wooden, cherry red silver leaf, brown silver leaf and many other options) and you are done!! Just check out their website once and I bet you will be exploring everything you see there. In a few simple steps you can personalize your picture, artwork, quotes and lot more.
There is everything for everyone. See what I chose from Engrave. This beautiful elephant canvas print is adorning my living room. It’s majestic.

Canvas print quality is excellent. Colours and patterns are just beautiful.

Closer look of the canvas print to give you idea how beautiful it is. Click on the picture for better view,
And what else….yes I got one more thing. This is something I am going to cherish all my life. I got my family picture engraved with a message that says our story 🙂 Isn’t it beautiful. I know now you can’t resist and want to personalize and engrave your picture. Go on dear and get it done. Believe me you will going to love it.

A closer look. My husband who is not very fond of art and decor 🙁 found this piece amazing and unique. Now he wants to take this plaque to his office to place it on his table because he truly loved it. Message etched on to the wooden plaque is very clear and easily readable.


Text I added on plaque has our (my family members’) name hidden in it. Now you got some guessing work here 🙂
Engrave has a nice collection of plaques, canvas prints, name plates, clocks, vinyl decals, kitchenware, lamps, coasters and what not. I know dear readers now have got a place where you can easily choose gifts for everyone, for every occasion.


I can’t take my eyes off this beauty. It has lovely message, beautiful corners and image of my loved ones. The feeling is inexplicable. Big thanks to Engrave for helping me immortalize my memories.

And to let you all know, this lovely orange watering can is a gift from my dear friend and fellow blogger Vandana. Thanks Vandana, it’s beautiful:)

P.S. : All the images and views expressed here are mine though complementary gifts are provided by 

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